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Lakes in Dutchess County, New York and Surrounding Areas

  1. Apple Lake

2. Ballard Lake
      22 Acre lake loaded with Pickerel, Bass, Perch. H...
3. Beacon Reservoir
4. Bear Swamp
5. Lake Chloe
6. Cobalt Lake
7. Denton Lake
8. East Bend Lake
9. French Lake
10. Gem Lake
11. Lake Geneva
12. Green Mountain Lake
13. Halcyon Lake
14. Harmony Lake
15. Hillside Lake
16. Hunns Lake
17. Indian Lake
18. Inwood Lake
19. Little Whaley Lake
20. Melzingah Reservoir

21. Morgan Lake
      Good for the kids fishing weekends or for you rela...
22. Nooteeming Lake
23. Lake Oniad
24. Pawling Reservoir
25. Pell Lake
26. Quaker Lake
27. Ray Lake
28. Riga Lake

29. Sepasco Lake
      Beautiful lake...
30. Sharp Reservation
31. Silver Lake
32. Spring Lakes
33. Sprout Lake
34. Staatsburg Reservoir
35. Sunset Lake
36. Sunset Lake
37. Sylvan Lake
38. Twin Island Lake
39. Tyrrel Lake
40. Upton Lake

41. Vassar Lake
      I love it here. It is so pretty. Definitely a plac...
42. Victory Lake
43. Lake Walton
44. Wappinger Lake
45. Warackamac Lake
46. Whaley Lake
47. Willow Lake
48. Willow Lake

Fairfield County
       6. Ball Pond, Fairfield County
       7. Lake Candlewood, Fairfield County
       8. Lake Forest, Fairfield County
       9. Mamanasco Lake, Fairfield County
       10. Mianus Reservoir, Fairfield County
       11. Squantz Pond, Fairfield County
Litchfield County
       12. Bantam Lake, Litchfield County
       13. Barkhamsted Reservoir, Litchfield County
       14. Big Meadow Pond, Litchfield County
       15. Ella Fohs Camp Pond, Litchfield County
       16. Hilltop Pond, Litchfield County
       17. Lake Floren, Litchfield County
       18. Lake Mcdonough, Litchfield County
       19. Lake Triangle, Litchfield County
       20. Lemanquais Pond, Litchfield County
       21. Mohawk Pond, Litchfield County
       22. Lake Waramaug, Litchfield County
       23. West Hill Pond, Litchfield County
       24. Winchester Lake, Litchfield County
New Haven County
       25. Baummer Pond, New Haven County
       26. Graniss Pond, New Haven County
       27. Horseshoe Lagoon, New Haven County
       28. Konolds Pond, New Haven County
       29. Lake Chamberlain, New Haven County
       30. Lake Lillinonah, New Haven County
       31. Lake Whitney, New Haven County
       32. Lake Wintergreen, New Haven County
       33. Lake Zoar, New Haven County
       34. Maltby Lake, New Haven County
       35. Peat Swamp Reservoir, New Haven County
       36. Phipps Lake, New Haven County
       37. Quonnipaug Lake, New Haven County
       38. Lake Saltonstall, New Haven County
Berkshire County
       39. Ashley Reservoir, Berkshire County
       40. Ashmere Lake, Berkshire County
       41. Berkshire Pond, Berkshire County
       42. Onota Lake, Berkshire County
       43. Pontoosuc Lake, Berkshire County
Hampshire County
       44. Factory Hollow Pond, Hampshire County
       45. Nashawannuck Pond, Hampshire County
       46. Quabbin Reservoir, Hampshire County
Bergen County
       47. Hoppers Lake, Bergen County
       48. Mirror Lake, Bergen County
       49. Zabriskies Pond, Bergen County
Essex County
       50. Commonwealth Water Company Reservoir Number Three, Essex County
       51. Diamond Mill Pond, Essex County
       52. Orange Reservoir, Essex County
Hudson County
Morris County
       53. Bee Meadow Pond, Morris County
       54. Birchwood Lake, Morris County
       55. Charlotteburg Reservoir, Morris County
       56. Crestmere Lake, Morris County
       57. Durham Pond, Morris County
       58. Egbert Lake, Morris County
       59. Fayson Lakes, Morris County
       60. Indian Lake, Morris County
       61. Lake Hopatcong, Morris County
       62. Lake Shawnee, Morris County
       63. Mount Kemble Lake, Morris County
       64. Mount Tabor Lake, Morris County
       65. Splitrock Reservoir, Morris County
       66. Sunrise Lake, Morris County
       67. Sunset Lake, Morris County
       68. Suntan Lake, Morris County
       69. Taylortown Reservoir, Morris County
       70. White Meadow Lake, Morris County
       71. White Rock Lake, Morris County
       72. Lake Winona, Morris County
Passaic County
       73. Cold Spring Lake, Passaic County
       74. Cupsaw Lake, Passaic County
       75. Great Notch Reservoir, Passaic County
       76. Greenwood Lake, Passaic County
       77. Henion Pond, Passaic County
       78. Hughes Lake, Passaic County
       79. Packanack Lake, Passaic County
       80. Upper Greenwood Lake, Passaic County
Sussex County
       81. Lake Acquackanonk, Sussex County
       82. Arapaho Lake, Sussex County
       83. Barry Lakes, Sussex County
       84. Beaver Lake, Sussex County
       85. Clearwater Lake, Sussex County
       86. Cranberry Lake, Sussex County
       87. Crandon Lakes, Sussex County
       88. Deer Trail Lake, Sussex County
       89. Forest Lake, Sussex County
       90. Lake Lackawanna, Sussex County
       91. Lake Mohawk, Sussex County
       92. Lake Musconetcong, Sussex County
       93. Lake Ocquittunk, Sussex County
       94. Lake Shawanni, Sussex County
       95. Lake Stockholm, Sussex County
       96. Lake Neepaulin, Sussex County
       97. Lake Saginaw, Sussex County
       98. Silver Lake, Sussex County
       99. Tomahawk Lake, Sussex County
       100. Wolf Lake, Sussex County
Union County
       101. Middlesex Reservoir, Union County
Albany County
       102. Fawn Lake, Albany County
       103. Lawson Lake, Albany County
       104. Tivoli Lake, Albany County
       105. Warner Lake, Albany County
Bronx County
Columbia County
       106. Copake Lake, Columbia County
       107. Queechy Lake, Columbia County
Greene County
       108. Sleepy Hollow Lake, Greene County
Kings County
Nassau County
New York County
Orange County
       109. Browns Pond, Orange County
       110. Crest View Lake, Orange County
       111. Lake Stahahe, Orange County
       112. Mombasha Lake, Orange County
       113. Wickham Lake, Orange County
Putnam County
       114. Canopus Lake, Putnam County
       115. Dixon Lake, Putnam County
       116. Oscawana Lake, Putnam County
       117. Secor Lake, Putnam County
Rensselaer County
       118. Racquet Lake, Rensselaer County
Rockland County
       119. Cheesecote Pond, Rockland County
       120. Hessian Lake, Rockland County
Ulster County
       121. Alder Lake, Ulster County
       122. Ashokan Reservoir, Ulster County
       123. Cooper Lake, Ulster County
       124. Onteora Lake, Ulster County
       125. Sturgeon Pool, Ulster County
       126. Tillson Lake, Ulster County
Westchester County
       127. Gedney Pond, Westchester County
       128. Lake Kitchawan, Westchester County
       129. Lake Mohegan, Westchester County
       130. Lounsbury Pond, Westchester County
       131. Trinity Lake, Westchester County

New York Lakes

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