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Lakes in Sussex County, New Jersey and Surrounding Areas


1. Lake Acquackanonk
       2 PHOTOS
Does anyone know what happened to Stev...

2. Arapaho Lake
      1 PHOTO
Is the lake Power Boat or Electric? If Power do yo...

3. Barry Lakes
      This pleasant lake has 1000 acres of surface area....

4. Beaver Lake
      Never been to the lake....

5. Big Spring

6. Blue Heron Lake

7. Blue Mountain Lakes

8. Branchville Reservoir

9. Brighton Lake

10. Canistear Reservoir

11. Clearview Lake

12. Clearwater Lake
      Great Private Lake, clean and good fishing for kid...

13. Cliffwood Lake

14. Clove Acres Lake

15. Cranberry Lake
       2 PHOTOS
This is the spot my uncle and aunt took me to vaca...

16. Crandon Lakes
      This lake is a wonderful 70 acre lake....

17. Crater Lake

18. Cub Lake

19. Culvers Lake

20. Deer Trail Lake
      I lived in Deer Trail Lakes for Years as a child a...

21. East Highland Lake

22. Fawn Lake

23. Forest Lake
      I spent some nice summer weeks here/ a beautiful t...

24. Fox Hollow Lake

25. Fox Trail Lake

26. Glen Lake

27. Glenwood Lake

28. Green Ridge Lake

29. Hemlock Lake

30. Hemlock Lake

31. Highland Lake

32. Holiday Lake

33. Lake Iliff

34. Jefferson Lake

35. Johnson Lake

36. Lake Kathryn

37. Kittatinny Camp Lake

38. Kittatinny Lake

39. Lake Anne

40. Lake Ashroe

41. Lake Kemah

42. Lake Lackawanna
This delightful lake has 109 acres of surface...

43. Lake Lenape

44. Lake Mohawk
      This lake is a picturesque 800 acre lake boasting ...

45. Lake Musconetcong
      The lake is gross. It used to be great. Nj has rea...

46. Lake Ocquittunk
      1 PHOTO
Lake Ocquittunk, Sussex County...

47. Lake Robert Rooke

48. Lake Shawanni
      This is now a private lake for 4-H club owned by R...

49. Lake Stockholm
      Tell about lake stockholm...

50. Lake Success

51. Lake Tranquility

52. Lake Wapalanne

53. Lake Windsor

54. Lawrence Lake

55. Little Swartswood Lake

56. Lake Lookout

57. Louemma Lake

58. Lower Blue Mountain Lake

59. Lower Crandon Lake

60. Lake Marcia

61. Mastodon Lake

62. Mecca Lake

63. Montague Lake

64. Mountain Ridge Lake

65. Lake Neepaulin
      1 PHOTO
My grandparents had a home on Lake View Drive in t...

66. New Wawayanda Lake

67. Newton Reservoir

68. Panorama Lake

69. Panther Lake

70. Parker Lake

71. Paulins Kill Lake

72. Perona Lake

73. Pleasant Valley Lake

74. Reynolds Lake

75. Rock Island Lake

76. Lake Rutherford

77. Ryker Lake

78. Lake Saginaw

79. Seneca Lake

80. Silver Lake
      Nice looking area! Can't wait to go up there in th...

81. Sparta Lake
      This is a private lake....

82. Spring Lake

83. Steeny Kill Lake

84. Stony Lake

85. Summit Lake

86. Sunset Lake

87. Swartswood Lake

88. Tamarack Lake

89. Thomas Rich Lake

90. Tomahawk Lake
      What a waste of time. I went as a kid 15 years ago...

91. Twin Lakes

92. Upper Blue Mountain Lake

93. Upper Highland Lake

94. Upper Lake Mohawk

95. Upper Mohawk Lake

96. Upper Sunset Lake

97. Vernon Valley Lake

98. Wallkill Lake

99. Lake Wanda

100. Wawayanda Lake

101. Lake Wildwood

102. Willow Crest Lake

103. Wolf Lake
      Hello,I have been active all my life in raising al...


Bergen County

       23. Hoppers Lake, Bergen County

       24. Mirror Lake, Bergen County

       25. Zabriskies Pond, Bergen County

Essex County

       26. Commonwealth Water Company Reservoir Number Three, Essex County

       27. Diamond Mill Pond, Essex County

       28. Orange Reservoir, Essex County

Hudson County

Hunterdon County

       29. Lake Solitude, Hunterdon County

       30. Round Valley Reservoir, Hunterdon County

Mercer County

       31. Ceva Lake, Mercer County

       32. Gropp Lake, Mercer County

       33. Palmer Lake, Mercer County

Middlesex County

       34. Brainerd Lake, Middlesex County

       35. Carnegie Lake, Middlesex County

       36. DeVoe Lake, Middlesex County

       37. Farrington Lake, Middlesex County

       38. Lake Lefferts, Middlesex County

       39. Lake Nelson, Middlesex County

Morris County

       40. Bee Meadow Pond, Morris County

       41. Birchwood Lake, Morris County

       42. Charlotteburg Reservoir, Morris County

       43. Crestmere Lake, Morris County

       44. Durham Pond, Morris County

       45. Egbert Lake, Morris County

       46. Fayson Lakes, Morris County

       47. Indian Lake, Morris County

       48. Lake Hopatcong, Morris County

       49. Lake Shawnee, Morris County

       50. Mount Kemble Lake, Morris County

       51. Mount Tabor Lake, Morris County

       52. Splitrock Reservoir, Morris County

       53. Sunrise Lake, Morris County

       54. Sunset Lake, Morris County

       55. Suntan Lake, Morris County

       56. Taylortown Reservoir, Morris County

       57. White Meadow Lake, Morris County

       58. White Rock Lake, Morris County

       59. Lake Winona, Morris County

Passaic County

       60. Cold Spring Lake, Passaic County

       61. Cupsaw Lake, Passaic County

       62. Great Notch Reservoir, Passaic County

       63. Greenwood Lake, Passaic County

       64. Henion Pond, Passaic County

       65. Hughes Lake, Passaic County

       66. Packanack Lake, Passaic County

       67. Upper Greenwood Lake, Passaic County

Somerset County

       68. Washington Valley Reservoir, Somerset County

Union County

       69. Middlesex Reservoir, Union County

Warren County

       70. White Lake, Warren County

Bronx County

Dutchess County

       71. Ballard Lake, Dutchess County

       72. Gem Lake, Dutchess County

       73. Morgan Lake, Dutchess County

       74. Sepasco Lake, Dutchess County

       75. Vassar Lake, Dutchess County

Kings County

New York County

Orange County

       76. Browns Pond, Orange County

       77. Crest View Lake, Orange County

       78. Lake Stahahe, Orange County

       79. Mombasha Lake, Orange County

       80. Wickham Lake, Orange County

Queens County

       81. Kissena Lake, Queens County

       82. Oakland Lake, Queens County

Richmond County

Rockland County

       83. Cheesecote Pond, Rockland County

       84. Hessian Lake, Rockland County

Sullivan County

       85. Crystal Lake, Sullivan County

       86. Lake DeVenoge, Sullivan County

       87. Neversink Reservoir, Sullivan County

       88. Lake Nianque, Sullivan County

       89. Rio Reservoir, Sullivan County

       90. Swinging Bridge Reservoir, Sullivan County

Ulster County

       91. Alder Lake, Ulster County

       92. Ashokan Reservoir, Ulster County

       93. Cooper Lake, Ulster County

       94. Onteora Lake, Ulster County

       95. Sturgeon Pool, Ulster County

       96. Tillson Lake, Ulster County

Westchester County

       97. Gedney Pond, Westchester County

       98. Lake Kitchawan, Westchester County

       99. Lake Mohegan, Westchester County

       100. Lounsbury Pond, Westchester County

       101. Trinity Lake, Westchester County

Bucks County

       102. Aquetong Lake, Bucks County

       103. Core Creek Reservoir, Bucks County

       104. Lake Towhee, Bucks County

Carbon County

       105. Beltzville Lake, Carbon County

       106. Big Boulder Lake, Carbon County

       107. Kriss Pines Lake, Carbon County

       108. Lake Harmony, Carbon County

Lehigh County

Monroe County

       109. Arrowhead Lake, Monroe County

       110. Camp Sun Mountain Lake, Monroe County

       111. Chicola Lake, Monroe County

       112. Dresser Lake, Monroe County

       113. Fairview Lake, Monroe County

       114. Lake Akiba, Monroe County

       115. Lake Naomi, Monroe County

       116. Leisure Lake, Monroe County

       117. White Heron Lake, Monroe County

       118. Zacharias Pond, Monroe County

Montgomery County

       119. Green Lane Reservoir, Montgomery County

       120. Lake Long, Montgomery County

Northampton County

Pike County

       121. Lake Wallenpaupack, Pike County

       122. Lake Minisink, Pike County

       123. Tinkwig Lake, Pike County

       124. Westcolang Pond, Pike County

Susquehanna County

       125. Carmault Lake, Susquehanna County

       126. Comfort Lake, Susquehanna County

       127. Crystal Lake, Susquehanna County

       128. Devils Punch Bowl, Susquehanna County

       129. East Lake, Susquehanna County

       130. Fiddle Lake, Susquehanna County

       131. Quaker Lake, Susquehanna County

       132. Schooley Pond, Susquehanna County

       133. Wrighter Lake, Susquehanna County

Wayne County

       134. Lake Ariel, Wayne County

       135. Lake Henry, Wayne County

       136. Paupackan Lake, Wayne County

       137. Roaming Woods Lake, Wayne County

New Jersey Lakes

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