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Lakes in Charlevoix County, Michigan and Surrounding Areas

1. Adams Lake

2. Barneys Lake

3. Black Lake

4. Bows Lake

5. Lake Charlevoix
      This lake is a stunning 27 square mile lake featur...

6. Cunningham Lake

7. Deer Lake
       This lake is a charming 443 acre lake.
In thi...

8. Dyer Lake

9. Egg Lake

10. Font Lake

11. Fox Lake

12. Lake Geneserath
      Lake Geneserath is a stunning 489 acre lake....

13. Greenes Lake

14. Heart Lake

15. Hoffman Lake

16. Kidney Lake

17. Little Mud Lake

18. Lake Maria

19. Lake Marion
      Fish have tested high for Mercury. What little fis...

20. Matchett Lake

21. Millers Marsh

22. Mud Lake

23. Mud Lake

24. Mud Lake

25. Mud Lake

26. Mud Lakes

27. Nowland Lake

28. Patricia Lake

29. Round Lake

30. Round Lake

31. Skinner Lake

32. Standard Lake

33. Steele Lake

34. Susan Lake

35. Lake Thumb

36. Twin Lakes

37. Walloon Lake
      Walloon Lake is a wonderful 7 square mile lake in ...


Antrim County

       6. Birch Lake, Antrim County

       7. Elk Lake, Antrim County

       8. Little Torch Lake, Antrim County

Cheboygan County

       9. Black Lake, Cheboygan County

       10. Burt Lake, Cheboygan County

       11. Long Lake, Cheboygan County

       12. Mullett Lake, Cheboygan County

Chippewa County

       13. Lost Lake, Chippewa County

       14. Marl Lake, Chippewa County

       15. McNearney Lake, Chippewa County

Crawford County

       16. Blue Gill Lake, Crawford County

       17. Chub Lake, Crawford County

       18. Lake Margrethe, Crawford County

Emmet County

       19. Larks Lake, Emmet County

Grand Traverse County

       20. Chandler Lake, Grand Traverse County

       21. Fife Lake, Grand Traverse County

       22. Huellmantel Lake, Grand Traverse County

       23. Long Lake, Grand Traverse County

       24. Petobego Pond, Grand Traverse County

       25. Silver Lake, Grand Traverse County

       26. Spider Lake, Grand Traverse County

Kalkaska County

       27. Bear Lake, Kalkaska County

       28. Crawford Lake, Kalkaska County

       29. Eagle Lake, Kalkaska County

       30. Lake Five, Kalkaska County

       31. Little Twin Lake, Kalkaska County

       32. Lost Lake, Kalkaska County

       33. Starvation Lake, Kalkaska County

Leelanau County

       34. Bass Lake, Leelanau County

       35. Lake Leelanau, Leelanau County

       36. Omena Lake, Leelanau County

Mackinac County

       37. Brevoort Lake, Mackinac County

       38. Manistique Lake, Mackinac County

       39. McAlpine Pond, Mackinac County

Missaukee County

       40. Crooked Lake, Missaukee County

Montmorency County

       41. Rush Lake, Montmorency County

       42. Twin Tomahawk Lakes, Montmorency County

Oscoda County

       43. Briggs Lake, Oscoda County

       44. Glenn Lake, Oscoda County

       45. Island Lake, Oscoda County

Otsego County

       46. Big Bass Lake, Otsego County

       47. Heart Lake, Otsego County

       48. Opal Lake, Otsego County

       49. Otsego Lake, Otsego County

Roscommon County

       50. Higgins Lake, Roscommon County

       51. Houghton Lake, Roscommon County

       52. West Twin Lake, Roscommon County

Wexford County

       53. Lake Cadillac, Wexford County

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