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Lakes in Sierra County, California and Surrounding Areas

  1. Calpine Reservoir
2. Coburn Lake
3. Deadman Lake
4. Deer Lake
5. Deer Lake
6. Gold Lake
7. Goose Lake
8. Grass Lake
9. Haven Lake
10. Hawley Lake
11. Horse Lake
12. Little Deer Lake
13. Little Gold Lake
14. Little Table Rock Reservoir
15. Lost Lake
16. Lower Salmon Lake
17. Lower Salmon Lake
18. Lower Sardine Lake
19. Mud Lake
20. Packer Lake
21. Palen Reservoir

22. Sand Pond
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23. Saxonia Lake
24. Smith Lake
25. Snag Lake
26. Snag Lake
27. Snake Lake
28. Spencer Lakes
29. Squaw Lake
30. Stampede Reservoir
31. Summit Lake
32. Tamarack Lakes
33. Upper Salmon Lake
34. Upper Salmon Lake
35. Upper Sardine Lake

36. Webber Lake
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37. Lake of The Woods

38. Young America Lake
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Due to it's inaccessibility, Young American Lake i...

Alpine County
       7. Duck Lake, Alpine County
       8. Frog Lake, Alpine County
       9. Lake Alpine, Alpine County
       10. Mosquito Lake, Alpine County
       11. Round Top Lake, Alpine County
       12. Sword Lake, Alpine County
       13. Union Reservoir, Alpine County
       14. Utica Reservoir, Alpine County
       15. Wheeler Lake, Alpine County
       16. Woods Lake, Alpine County
El Dorado County
       17. Bass Lake, El Dorado County
       18. Cup Lake, El Dorado County
       19. Grouse Lake, El Dorado County
       20. Lake Number Three, El Dorado County
       21. Oxbow Reservoir, El Dorado County
       22. Pearl Lake, El Dorado County
       23. Round Lake, El Dorado County
       24. Slab Creek Reservoir, El Dorado County
       25. Stumpy Meadows Lake, El Dorado County
Lassen County
       26. Ballard Reservoir, Lassen County
       27. Betty Lake, Lassen County
       28. Eagle Lake, Lassen County
       29. Hidden Lake, Lassen County
Mono County
       30. Cooney Lake, Mono County
       31. Fantail Lake, Mono County
       32. Gardisky Lake, Mono County
       33. Glenberry Lake, Mono County
       34. Lake Crowley, Mono County
       35. Leavitt Lake, Mono County
       36. Lundy Lake, Mono County
       37. Mono Lake, Mono County
       38. Shell Lake, Mono County
       39. Tioga Lake, Mono County
       40. Virginia Lakes, Mono County
       41. Walker Lake, Mono County
Nevada County
       42. Bowman Lake, Nevada County
       43. Carr Lake, Nevada County
       44. Donner Lake, Nevada County
       45. Faucherie Lake, Nevada County
       46. Independence Lake, Nevada County
       47. Lake Sterling, Nevada County
       48. Lake Vera, Nevada County
       49. Lake Wildwood, Nevada County
       50. Meadow Lake, Nevada County
       51. Rucker Lake, Nevada County
       52. Weaver Lake, Nevada County
Placer County
       53. Camp Far West Reservoir, Placer County
       54. Halsey Forebay, Placer County
       55. Kelly Lake, Placer County
       56. Lake Combie, Placer County
       57. Lake Tahoe, Placer County
       58. Lake Theodore, Placer County
       59. Lake Valley Reservoir, Placer County
       60. Long Lake, Placer County
       61. Nancy Lake, Placer County
       62. Salmon Lake, Placer County
Plumas County
       63. Bear Lake, Plumas County
       64. Echo Lake, Plumas County
       65. Lake Almanor, Plumas County
       66. Round Valley Reservoir, Plumas County
       67. Snake Lake, Plumas County
Yuba County
       68. Harry L. Englebright Lake, Yuba County
       69. Lake Francis, Yuba County
       70. Merle Collins Reservoir, Yuba County
Carson City County
Douglas County
Storey County
Washoe County
       71. Marlette Lake, Washoe County
       72. New Year Lake, Washoe County
       73. Pyramid Lake, Washoe County

California Lakes

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