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Lakes in Placer County, California and Surrounding Areas

1. Bear Lake

2. Big Reservoir

3. Buck Lake

4. Bugle Lake

5. Bunker Lake

6. Camp Far West Reservoir
       2 PHOTOS
Camp here every summer, this lake produces!!...
I need map directions from Lincoln, Calif. Can you...

7. Caperton Reservoir

8. Cascade Lakes

9. Clover Valley Reservoir

10. Dollar Reservoir

11. Drum Forebay

12. Dulzura Lake

13. Ellis Lake

14. Lake Estelle

15. Fern Lake

16. Fisher Lake

17. Five Lakes

18. French Meadows Reservoir

19. French Meadows Reservoir

20. Halsey Afterbay

21. Halsey Afterbay

22. Halsey Forebay
      Halsey fore bay great enviorment to take the fam a...

23. Hell Hole Reservoir

24. Hell Hole Reservoir

25. High Loch Leven Lake

26. Hunkle Reservoir

27. Huntley Mill Lake

28. Huysink Lake

29. Ice Lakes

30. Jerrys Pool

31. Kelly Lake
      Fished here 6-28-10; not a single bite, nothing hi...

32. Kidd Lake

33. Lagoon Lake

34. Lake Arthur

35. Lake Combie
      Just came off the lake and not a bite 1-1-2010....

36. Lake Mary

37. Lake Putt

38. Lake Putt

39. Lake Tahoe
       Lake Tahoe is a picturesque 192 square mile lake ...

40. Lake Theodore
      The lakes mentioned here are bad (edited) for vaca...

41. Lake Valley Reservoir
      Camped at Lodgepole 6-26-10; no fish on our end, b...

42. Lily Lake

43. Little Needle Lake

44. Loch Leven Lakes

45. Long Lake

46. Long Lake
      Wonderful small lake in sierra summit...

47. Lake Louise

48. McKinney Lake

49. McKinstry Lake

50. Mildred Lakes

51. Miller Lake

52. Mountain Meadow Lake

53. Mud Lake

54. Nancy Lake
      Can anyone tell me the origin of the name of this ...

55. Natalie Lake

56. Needle Lake

57. North Fork Lake

58. North Fork Reservoir

59. Quail Lake

60. Rock Creek Lake

61. Roseville Reservoir

62. Salmon Lake
      An easy hike from the trail near Hyusink lake. Typ...

63. Serena Lake

64. Shirley Lake

65. Sugar Pine Reservoir

66. Swan Lake Junior

67. Twin Lakes

68. Valley View Reservoir

69. Warm Lake

70. Watson Lake

71. Wise Forebay


Alpine County

       16. Duck Lake, Alpine County

       17. Frog Lake, Alpine County

       18. Lake Alpine, Alpine County

       19. Mosquito Lake, Alpine County

       20. Round Top Lake, Alpine County

       21. Sword Lake, Alpine County

       22. Union Reservoir, Alpine County

       23. Utica Reservoir, Alpine County

       24. Wheeler Lake, Alpine County

       25. Woods Lake, Alpine County

Amador County

       26. Lake Tabeaud, Amador County

       27. Mud Lake, Amador County

       28. Salt Springs Reservoir, Amador County

       29. Silver Lake, Amador County

       30. Tiger Creek Reservoir, Amador County

Calaveras County

       31. New Hogan Lake, Calaveras County

       32. Salt Spring Valley Reservoir, Calaveras County

       33. Schaads Reservoir, Calaveras County

       34. Tulloch Reservoir, Calaveras County

El Dorado County

       35. Bass Lake, El Dorado County

       36. Chiquita Lake, El Dorado County

       37. Cup Lake, El Dorado County

       38. Grouse Lake, El Dorado County

       39. Lake Number Three, El Dorado County

       40. Oxbow Reservoir, El Dorado County

       41. Pearl Lake, El Dorado County

       42. Round Lake, El Dorado County

       43. Slab Creek Reservoir, El Dorado County

       44. Stumpy Meadows Lake, El Dorado County

Mono County

       45. Cooney Lake, Mono County

       46. Fantail Lake, Mono County

       47. Gardisky Lake, Mono County

       48. Glenberry Lake, Mono County

       49. Lake Crowley, Mono County

       50. Leavitt Lake, Mono County

       51. Lundy Lake, Mono County

       52. Mono Lake, Mono County

       53. Shell Lake, Mono County

       54. Tioga Lake, Mono County

       55. Virginia Lakes, Mono County

       56. Walker Lake, Mono County

Nevada County

       57. Bowman Lake, Nevada County

       58. Carr Lake, Nevada County

       59. Donner Lake, Nevada County

       60. Faucherie Lake, Nevada County

       61. Herring Reservoir, Nevada County

       62. Independence Lake, Nevada County

       63. Lake Sterling, Nevada County

       64. Lake Vera, Nevada County

       65. Lake Wildwood, Nevada County

       66. Meadow Lake, Nevada County

       67. Rucker Lake, Nevada County

       68. Weaver Lake, Nevada County

Plumas County

       69. Bear Lake, Plumas County

       70. Echo Lake, Plumas County

       71. Lake Almanor, Plumas County

       72. Round Valley Reservoir, Plumas County

       73. Snake Lake, Plumas County

Sierra County

       74. Sand Pond, Sierra County

       75. Webber Lake, Sierra County

       76. Young America Lake, Sierra County

Carson City County

Douglas County

Lyon County

       77. Fort Churchill Cooling Ponds, Lyon County

Storey County

Washoe County

       78. Marlette Lake, Washoe County

       79. New Year Lake, Washoe County

       80. Pyramid Lake, Washoe County

California Lakes

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