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Stephens Lake

 It's a nice lake. I have lived close to the lake all my life. I even worked as a lifeguard in the 70s. The only thing I can say bad about is our wonderful state can turn a bad road into a worse road. And they did a very poor job in patching the patches, and there is not enough picnic tables. There is only 2 tables at the dam 4 at the over look and only a few in the main park. Bring a blanket because your chances in getting a picnic table is slim. Drive slow
    due to the rough road thanks again bolt state road for an awful patch job.They do that every year looks like by now someone would know how to patch a road correctly. Says Danny

Stephen's lake is a great place to take your kids.
They have buoys that keep people from going to far into the lake. The occasional fish will swim by you or nip at your toes. You can take your boats or water skis out on the lake. You can fish. There are a lot of fish there. Salmon, blue gill, trout, to name a few. They even have catfishes. I caught one nearly 50 lbs. It has beautiful scenery. Not very large in stature. Big enough for about 200+ people. =) I love taking my kids there in the summer. They have  
    a playground, and a skating place (no bikes or scooters allowed but most kids don't care. They never get mad. ) It's a great place for picnics and school field trips. Churches gather there also.
Says Ashton



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