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Rock Lake

 I lived on this lake for a few months in 1973 at the cabin of Chub and Helen Yates with my mom Shirley. I also went to Quiet Dell school during that time. My last name was Donihue as I was going by my stepdad's name. My mom and I loved it there. Says Steven Hanisch

I am Nancy Vincent Yates' nephew, Steve Hanisch.I too remember Rock Lake very,very fondly. Grandpa Yates had a lil dock and rowboat. The first time I was ever in deep water was at that dock
    being held by my mother Shirley Yates. I was about 1 yr old. I loved that place. Says Steve Hanisch

My wonderful aunt had a cabin there all my years of growing up... The memories that we shared there are among my fondest as
a child and young adult.... Her name was Margaret K. Sicardi, if any one remembers her... She had a sign out in front of the lane that said ''Plum Nelly''.. I also know that her neighbor and dear friend was a lady by the name of Iris Wade..... Sliding down the big slide into the lake and swimming to the dock in the center of the lake was so exciting .... And using the rowboat thru the lily pads.... The smell of charcoal... Oh... It takes me back.... And the swimtags  
    jangling down the lane.... Says Jeanne Kerns-Dorton

Great to see this site. My parents (Chub and Helen Yates) owned a place at the lake from 1952-1977. I ran the old store out there all thru college. It was really ''almost
 heaven''. Says Nancy Yates Vincent

What a wonderful picture!! My Aunt Rosalea Cleveland and her husband John Cleveland built one of the first camps at Rock Lake- After my mother passed away my aunt would bring us to Rock Lake and oh, how we enjoyed that! Wonderful memories. For the last 7 years I have truely dreamed of living there. I have been looking to purchase a camp there. Fortuntaly I have found one!! The very 1st camp going into Rock Lake! This
will be my home and I hope to make some good memories with my children and grandchildren while I live! Says Kay Martin

In the 1939's my grandfather built the first cabin on Rock Lake. He built a log cabin form the trees cut down to form the lake. The cabin was called Shamrock Shanty. I caught my first at Rock Lake and learned how to row a boat. The cabin has been torn down, but I will never forget the good times my family had there. Says Gordon Coughlin

A small, lake-side community in rural West Virginia. - Hugh


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