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Heiden Pond

 (...) Silver Creek pond would probably fit between the end zone and the fifty yard line of the high school football field. It's maybe 5 feet deep. Yes, you can ice skate there or play hockey in winter, but leave your boat home! It was a popular place for ice skating in my grandmother's day (1920's - 1940's). If you are planning on camping nearby, be advised that Horicon and Beaver Dam are both 1/2 an hour away or more. River Bend resort is about 7 miles West
    of Watertown, but I think you need to be a member to camp there. To sum this all up: Watertown is named such because it was founded on the horseshoe bend of the Rock RIVER- not LAKE. If you want lakes, go east a bit to the Oconomowoc
area. This is called Lake Country for a reason. You will find Lac Labelle and Fowler Lake nearly join at Highway 67 which runs north and south. It is very pretty at sunset. If that doesn't interest you, go southwest of Watertown about 15 minutes to Lake Mills. You'll find fishing and watersports much more accessible here than at Silver Creek! If you come to Watertown, take a walk across the bridge on North Second street around sunset. Stop halfway across the bridge  
    and face west. Lean on the railing and soak in the sky reflecting on the widest part of the river in Watertown. In the distance you will see the Water Street bridge. On the other side of that bridge and a bit to the left is Silver
 Creek Pond. Sorry, no lake here, but still a pleasant walk and a pleasant view.I hope this helps someone out there! Says Lifelong Watertown resident


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