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Granite Lake

 Granite Lake has crystal clear water, is surrounded by a very primtive campground. I don't recall how many campsites there are, but I have never been there when there was more than one other party. The surrounding area is incredibly beautiful, well worth the extremely rough road in. 4 wheel drive only. There is an abandoned copper mine in the area, and if you can find the trailhead, (good luck), the scenery is breathtaking. I've been to the mine 3 times. Watch
    out for bears! There is a ghost town below the copper mine. Very little is left. There are picnic tables, no water and no bathrooms. Come prepared. Says Bonnie Kugel


GRANITE LAKE..A SECRET PLACE THAT FEW HAVE TRAVELED TOO.....Was here Saturday 7/14/2012 there is a tree down less then a 1/4 mile from the campground had to walk the road the rest of the way in, which was easy. There were a million mosquitos probably because it was a overcast day. When I use to camp there 30 years ago every camp site was full and there was a outhouse maintained by the ranger station, it's gone now. This campsite is not maintained. If your lucky and can drive another mile past this breathtaking lake there is a lookout area that you can see every mountain range well worth the trip and I have hiked from the lake to the lookout and it doable. Also the road to this lake is 4 wheel drive but manageable, it's really not that bad. There is alot of snow around lake. Have not really seen alot of wildlife. - Nikki


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