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Lake Fontal

 All the time I as growing up, my father (not prone to wild stories) swore that when he was deer hunting around Lake Fontal with his dad and brothers, he was startled by and shot something in the lake making a weird barking† noise.†He described it as having a head shaped kind of like a deer, which stuck way up out of the water and a number of humps that stuck out of the water behind it. He said that when he shot it, it went back down and didnít come back.† After
    talking to others, he called it an ''Ogopogo.'' This would have been around the late 1940s or 1950s when people were more prone to shoot at a creature that scared the hell out of them in the middle of the wilderness than to come back
and try to find a cryptozoologist willing to believe them. He stuck by that story to his death 22 years ago, and his brothers who were with him and never afraid to call one-another out, never said he was lying. Do I believe it? I knew him well and never had a reason to not believe him.† What he described to me as a little boy I later saw as described living in Canadian lakes a few miles north of there. Says Jim E

Don't waste your time. I tried it on
    5/8/11 and the road to the lake is private and gated everything is grown up and once you get there the fishing is terrible. It ain't like it used to be. Says Devon

LOTS of interesting activities in that area involving the above-mentioned
 microdots back in the 60s. I attended the great helicopter piano drop, but do not remember it clearly :) Says Norm


We used to ride dirt bikes in the early 70's up to lake fontal, lotsa fun. I remember the cabins and little store that was up there when I was a kid in the 60's. Says Dave

I used to fish on Lake Fontal but now there isn't any fish.Warning: Lake Fontal Road is a dead end
that does not lead to Lake Fontal. The lake is definitely not worth the trouble. Says Bill J

We used to ride hores into lake fontal in the late 60's. There used to be a small resort there, complete with cabins, boat rentals,always a huge party opening weekend..(?) big foot sightings in the area...could of been the micro-dot. Says Timothy W. Wilson


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