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Coleman Lake

 My family and I owned Coleman's and adjoining property for approximately eighty years. Many fond memories of time spent there, including hunting and fishing, church baptisms, swimming in the lake, picnics and frog gigging. Originally there were two bath houses located near the lake, one for women and one for men. In the twenties and thirties public swimming was available. The lake was a gathering place for members of the neighborhood. There was a store on the
    property that sold fishing gear, soft drinks and snacks. I remember that soft drinks were four cents each but eventually increased to five cents.

The lake was very popular for fishing with approximately thirty wooden boats
available for rental by the day. The fee for all day rental was one dollar for one person, two dollars for two people, and three dollars for three people. All boats were to be propelled using a paddle or with an electrical motor. No gas motors allowed. My father, Buster Coleman, built all of the wooden boats that were available for rent. I still have the hand-drawn plans he used. He later switched to aluminum john type boats as they became more popular.

    the twenties and thirties the water powered grinding mill was operational, producing corn meal. I remember customers arriving there in horse drawn wagons with corn to be ground. I still have the old ledgers kept by grandfather regarding
 the operation of the mill. There were always things that kept us busy at the lake such as cleaning up, repairs, working in the store, and as a sideline to make money I dug fishing worms in the swampy areas below the lake to sell to fisherman. I remember a penny a worm, or maybe it was two worms for a penny. I sold the lake and the property in the 1990s since I lived north of Richmond, and it was becoming more difficult to provide adequate care. Anyone wishing to e-mail me is welcomed to do so at: Nedcoleman41 @ gmail. com Says Ned Coleman


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