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Ivins Reservoir

 As of May 2009, water level is high. Water is very clean with minimal pollution. Visitor numbers are rising! Says Dominik

As of June, 2007, the water level has dropped significantly due to irrigation, evaporation, and insufficient rainfall. Says Dominik

Just north of Kayenta Parkway off Old Highway 91, Ivins Reservoir is a picturesque site adjacent to the Ivins Kayenta subdivision. Its water comprises one-tenth of a mile of Ivins' 10.3 square miles.
    and the good news is the drought is over; the waters have returned!
Ivins Reservoir is framed by a magnificent backdrop of red sandstone cliffs that reflect on the water. Bordered on the north by the Shivwitz reservation, a sign
designates Paiute property.
Desert home for an harmonious winged assortment of ducks, Coots, Mallards, and a lone Blue Heron, once, we even saw seen a gaggle of Seagulls that had flown in by way of the gulf stream. That was an amazing sight, for Ivins is several hundred miles from the Pacific or Salt Lake City.
Some Kayenta retirees, whom I've met on early morning strolls, have kindly shared their friendship and some interesting birding tidbits.
    on the northeast fringe of the Mojave Desert, during hot summer months you can trek amid cool vegetation and tall trees at the lake's east perimeter. In this area you may find an interesting array of birds perched on branches overhead.
 Voices really carry over the water there, so if you don't want conversations broadcasted, be sure to keep your voice low even when trekking in the heavy brush.
On the western side, there is a rudimentary launching dock where you can strap on a life jacket and paddle out onto the lake, if you wish to bring a non-motorized water vessel. Also, there is a pier to cast a fishing line when the water is stocked with Bass.
There's a saying in southern Utah that
if you don't like the weather just wait a few minutes and it'll change. At Ivins Reservoir, the summer sun rises over the water with blinding intensity and sets with tranquility in the east. One moment you're looking up a clear blue sky, the next, you're staring at cloud formations. The sun and clouds often work in dramatic concert, casting shadows on nearby cliffs. On rare days a Winter snow may powder these auburn-colored cliffs for a fleeting day or two.
An important note: Ivins Reservoir is not state-sponsored. Restrooms and trash cans aren't available. For the sake of everyone's enjoyment, please bring trash bags and remove your waste so that others may enjoy its natural scenic beauty too.
Hope you'll come soon for a visit! Says Toni Leong


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