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Decker Lake

 With the reduction in off leash areas for dogs, and an obvious desire and need for off leash space, how about dedicating a portion of Decker Lake for dogs to run off-leash? Says John Edmunds

Dear whomever/ please pass this along to the appropriate department.

I have 3 major complaints with the way the park services are throwing away our tax Dollars. Case in point/ Deckers Lake Park

Why have they let one or more pesky little beavers cut
    down at least 15 or 20 trees over the past 2 years, leaving behind a bunch of pointy little stumps all over the park?

This is ridiculous, talk about wasteful spending and poor park management!

These pointy little stumps
could easily impale a child if one happened to fall on one whilst running and playing, I see this as an accident just waiting to happen, possible followed by a major lawsuit.

Please Don?t tell me they haven?t known about this problem over the past two years, because I walk this park daily.

There?s 3 trees on the S. E. Corner of the park that have chicken wire wrapped around the base of the trees to keep the beavers from cutting these down, and no-where
    else, why, these trees don?t grow overnight, and they don?t give these trees away for free.

My other complaints!

Why don?t they fix the sprinkler head box covers that have obviously been damaged by equipment such as
 lawn mowers or backhoes, there is some pretty good sized holes in the ground that kids running and playing could easily fall into and break there legs, and there not real visible until your on top of them.

Why is there a continuous stream of our drinking water dumping into the lake on the N. W. Corner of the park, out of one of the water mains? This has been going on for over 2 years now.

I can only imagine what my water bill would be if I left a water
hose on full blast at my home 24/7 365 days a year, which is about the equivalent of what is going on here.

The water bill for Deckers Lake must be in the tens of thousands of dollars a year, just for this leak itself, not to mention this is our drinking water that is being dumped into this old sewer pit. Says Debra


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