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Flat River Reservoir

 Best bass fishing lake in Rhode Island by far. This lake is full of big fish, and it's as close as you'll in RI to fishing like the pros do. We don't have the luxury around here of big bass lakes where each boat takes in 30 to 40 bass a trip, but this is as close to that as you'll get. It's not too rare to go out on this lake and 20-30 fish between you and your partner. Don't miss out due to a lack of access either. The state boat ramp is not the way to go.
    It gives you access to such a tiny portion of the lake. It is not even worth it. You can however take a small car top and dump it in over a bridge or something of that matter. What I do though is pay a mere 15 bucks at Coldwell's campground in order to get permission from the campground to use their boat ramp. Says Scott



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