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Represa de San Juan

 Excelente Says Rul Sanchez

This lake is so wonderful. Since you're here at Represa de San Juan why not check out Quebrada Las Chorreras. A tremendous sight of gorgeous Cerro Mula is available from Represa de San Juan, and Represa de San Juan is right by the Charco Azul Trail. The vista of lovely Cerro del Chicharo near Represa de San Juan is glorious; you'll meet a lot of folks from Aguas Buenas here.
The class III-V(V+) Dam Section segment of
    Rio de la Plata is 5 miles long. The Dam Section segment of Rio de la Plata is suggested for proficient whitewater paddlers solely. You ought to check restrictions before heading out; raft paddling may get perilous.


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