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 I too stayed at my great Uncle Morris and Aunt Grace (Miles) cabin as a youngster. I cannot begin to tell you the fun we had!!  Going and getting spring water in milk containers. Hunting crawdads for his bait. Rowing across the lake to get the mail. Aunt Grace' s Welsh Cookies and huckleberry pies that we had just picked that day. The neighbors - Marie, I think her name was from Binghamton NY. My cousin Cindy sneaking to go meet Brit who was sooo cute! Putting
    on a jacket in the morning and swimming by noon. It was my utopia. I need to do a road trip back that way soon.  Says Janice Geary

Ann is a question box. I posted an entry but forgot critical information. Looking for any with
knowledge of Thelma M. Sumner. Her grandmother was Ada A. Wrighter. Her mother was Fay Sumner. They had a lovely home at the lake, a cottage, which it seems was passed down from grandmother Wrighter to her daughter Fay, then to Thelma Sumner. The cottage had a lovely lily pond either in front or behind it. My brother and I were there with family as children, and we have such fond recollections of then owner, Thelma, and the cottage. Does anyone have any information  
    about these lovely people? Thanks much, Ann Says Ann

Ms. Powell, you say you and your husband have been at Wrighter Lake for 65 years.  I wonder if you have any recollection of a woman named Thelma Sumner who had a cottage
 there, I think in the 1950s; or do you possibly know how I could find a list of the residents who once lived there? Thanks so much. Says Ann

My husband and I have been at Wrighter Lake for aprox 65 years and have always enjoyed the activities, people and country side. The lake is pristine and always inviting. Look for our Wrighter Lake facebook group page and enjoy all the comments and photographs. Says KathyB

As a child my family stayed at my Great
Uncle Morris (Miles) house at Wrighter Lake as well as renting cottages there too. At the time, the cottages had wood stoves and no running water. Makes for great memories. Are there any cottages available to rent? Says Sarah Powell

JOE : JUST FOUND THIS PAGE. Evelyn was one person who made us so happy to get back to the lake. She was so helpful and loving to my mother. We were friends way back to the Globe store in Scranton. Her place was on place mom would let us stay out at after dark. She also was the first person that built a cabin on the lake in ''modern times''. We cannot go back to those days but we can remember the great times and happiness. Oh YES, by the way ''SHE LOVED HER FAMILY, ALL OF US WERE HER FAMILY''. Ben Says BEN PASSARELLI

I love Wrighter Lake. Tons of nice people. Says Robin

Will always remember her and wrighters lake day!!jill.sanford@snet.net Says Jill Tallaksen

Joe - long time and just discovered this site. God bless. Many memories at your parents cottage. Saw cousin Sharon (after many years) over at my sister's 2 weeks ago. Mom died January 4, 2005. Buried here Ocala where Mom & Dad had a small horse farm. Bob is out in Arkansas and Raelene is here in Orlando (well actually Altamonte Springs). God bless you third cousin. Oh, Aunt Evelyn was also here with Sharon, she still lives in Binghamton, Aunt Helen lives in Valdosta Ga. Thinking about the lake reminds me of the fire works between your Dads and Grandpa's cottages just off the beach there. Our dads got such a kick out of that. Blessings to you and yours. Says Ron Cole

Hi Betty, You do not know me, but I was wondering if your cabin might be available? I am an RN at Barnes Kasson and my husband and I were looking for a place to fish? my email is forhealthylife@hotmail. Com or phone 570-240-3157. Thank you. Also, sorry to hear of your loss, it is always a painful process. Thank you, Laura Heller Says Laura Heller

Hi Joe, I rented your Mom's cottage 2 different summers and really enjoyed talking to her. I am sorry for your loss. She is a delightful spirit. I would still like to rent something on Wrighter Lake. Is her cottage still for rent or do you know of another one? I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks, Betty Says Betty

Just writing to let all the Wrighter Lake folks know that my mother Evelyn passed away on Sunday the 12th of Nov.
I have lost a wonderful mother and the lake has lost a good friend. Says Joe Keeney


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