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Springton Reservoir

 What current action being taken by anyone to open the lake to fishing? Seems that liability issued could be easily resolved by working something out with local DNR officer to sign a waiver if going to set foot on res. Is anyone currently in process pursuing open fishing here? Pls feel free to contact me at jdragonfineart@yahoo.com Would be interested where some trying to get lake open ran into roadblocks.†Maybe we can join some forces and get past the resistance to
    fishing this lake. Says Joe 12/14/23

Can someone let me know where to park now? Gnando42@gmail.com Says Greg

My father and my uncle grew up fishing here then closed about the time I was brought in to this world, and
we always had to drive 45-hrs for really great fishing, and one day I decided to try it out and see what it was like back when my father was younger, and it was the BEST FISHING IN DELCO I HAVE EVER DONE FOR BASS!!!!!!!

After a few trips, I brought my father back there. It's been many years since the last time he was ever there, and he got to show me some of the spots he used to fish, and he told me it was just as good as the last time he was there, if
    not better. I wish when I was younger I could have learned from my father here whether open or not I will be taking my son and daughter here in the future to show them how good fishing is when you find the right spot. Sprinton should
 be reopened could bring much more money into delco !! But teach people that are close by what itís really all abt. Thanks! Says Ron Fail

My friends fish there all the time. Buddy caught a 7lb 11oz largemouth there today. They don't go down Gradyville or from the church though and I've never been there. Thinking about trying it once. I get fined, I get fined. Biggest bass I've seen a picture of out of there was a video tape of a 10lb 1oz. That's insane.
Absolutely insane. Says Matt

You can still fish. Just go at night. Says DOMINIC†

I'm Going out THIS EVENING! 9/16/14. 5:30 On the dan to the right of the TOWER. HUGE Large Mouth! Flip OUT NIGHTCRAWLERS.....LUNKERS LOVE NIGHTCRAWLERS! My largest yet, 11.5 Monster! Says Sam Feed

Keep fishing. Night is the best time. Says Del County Res

SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE!!!! Please lets figure something out and really push the people that need to be pushed to open up a fishing from bridge to bridge, like it was. Whats so wrong with wanting to fish with your kids_ WHY DO WE LET LAWYERS DICTATE HOW TO LIVE OUR LIVES- IT JUST SUCKS. Says Daniel Losacco

It a shame the rezzy is closed. Its the best spot to fish in Delco! Says Odie

I haven't had the opportunity to fish here yet, because I'm only 16 and its has been illegal for most of my life. I recently wrote the state rep and am waiting for a reply. Says Nick

I use to fish the res and will continue to fish it. I love crankbait fishing there, but I have still yet to find a big smallie. Says Nate

To all those that blame the residents...they're not all bad. Don't blame the $$$. Most of the residents would be happy to have use of the res, but its against the rules for them too. Keep in mind that the value of lake front property would probably be higher if they could actually use it. My family lives there, and they would much rather their be access to it.

The people in charge of it are so out of line. They blasted my family for chopping poison ivy vines that were the size of your arm that were growing up trees that were on other side of the fence...they PI branches were hanging over into their yard, killing the trees, and blocking the view of the res. Family told the guy to get lost, and they didn't end up doing anything. Says Curds

Like most of the rest here, I had fished the res all my life from age 3 in 67 up till about 14 years ago when I moved to Florida. I know every inch of that shoreline and have even fished from the pump house at night. Got a 9.5 largemouth from right under the bridge to the pump house one night. Some of the land from lakeside from Media lineto bishop was once owned by my family but was approp'd away to build the res at pennies on the dollar. So, I have a spec place for it. They were never suppose to build around it, A supposed gentleman's agreement between the families it was approp'd from and the water company. I knew they would close it once the million dollar homes started going up. It's not just 9/11, or liability, it's also the homeowners that now ring it, and their money that are keeping it closed. I drove around it last year when up, and it made me sick. Oh well, change happens. I live on a lake in Florida now. My biggest Bass is now 15.53lbs., but I still miss ''the res'' Says Frank

I just moved back to Delco, and it's so stupid this lake should have never been shut down. Fishing is one luxury that when after you buy your equipment from then on out it's almost free every time, and with the way our world is now and days it's almost impossible to have a day of fun without spending some cash. I'm 28 years old and have a 5 year old son. This lake is where I caught my very first fish GIVE US OUR CHILDHOOD BACK SO OUR KIDS CAN ENJOY WHAT WE HAVE. Says Tom Best

In relations to Gerald Brennan's comments. Perhaps if we banded together and visit our state rep. With the numbers behind and all of us Complaining we may achieve something. Instead of writing and blogging about the reservoir being closed to fishing I say that we all band together and become one voice anyone with me e-mail me WBholinka@yahoo.com. maybe we start with town reps and move to state rep to take before congress nothing happens we take it a step further until we are heard... Says William Holinka

I have only lived in Del Co for about two years and just found out about the springton reservoir. I am going to start calling local and state officials to get this reopened or at least try. Fishing is a great way to spend time w your kids. Just like someone else said kids spend too much time watching TV and playing those stupid video games. We pay enough taxes to have it opened. Says John

Can't fish around here. Says Rich H

Was on the radio last weekend(1210am) with the president of AQUA and the question was asked why was Springton closed down. I was told they can't afford to have lawsuit. They don't want the liability if someone gets hurt(like in the past). He said they offered the responsibility to the surrounding towns and no one wanted it, so they had no choice but to close it. He didn't say they offered it to the state though. Maybe that should be brought up and maybe a petition should be started to get it opened back up. I'm sure if you asked the people of Delaware County if they would sign the petition you could have thousands of signatures. Hal Kline brought up a good point about the Beatty Rd. location. Says Monge

Some of my best fishing memories are from Springton Lake,fishing with my brother. We caught many bass which we released there. Its a real shame the kids coming up won't be able to do the same. And folks wonder why kids are bored and playing video games all day. Says Marty

Rollie, You definitely saw a bald eagle! I was crossing the bridge in my car on February 24th at around 8:20 am when I saw it gliding about 30-50 feet above the lake near the highway. It was amazing and beautiful! I text'd my son at 8:22 at school to let him know. Says Kanti Somani

I believe I saw an American Bald Eagle flying overhead this morning by the reservoir (Feb. 23rd, 2010)...Is this possible? Says Rollie Kenmore

Same. Young sons went two years. Great stuff a father ought to have. Next year was the drought. We walked through it. Following year. Gone. Landowners with plush grass and chemical runoff ought to be a concern. I called Aqua years ago and was told the grasses are a buffer. I don't think so. Stop the fishing. Keep the chemical lawn treatments coming. Says Ray

Is there even water access here? If so, how do you get there? Says HELP

I grew up in Broomall. Since I was 6 years ols, my father has been taking me to Springton Reservoir for impromptu fishing trips. Now that I am a father, I am upset that my children will not be able to have the same experiences that I had when I was younger unless I want to pack them up and drive 45 minutes to an hour. So much for taking the kids out for an hour or so to do something inexpensive and fun. It's no wonder PA has fewer and fewer fishing licences sold each year. PA has spent an exobitant amount of money educating people about fishing to get more people interested but each year there are fewer and fewer places to go. Fishing is a self sustaning skill/activity based on accessibility. Meaning that educating people comes from the experience. You can tell someone how to play baseball, but that doesn't mean that they will be able to do it unless they actualy play. They need somewhere that they can go to put what they learn into real world experience. Sorry for ranting on but I am just mad. I have been fishing in PA for 27 years now. Next year I am going to make the short trip over the bridge and get a fishing license in NJ or head south and go to DE. If anyone from the PFBC happens to come across this message, understand that you will have one less fishing license sold next year and every year until Springton Reservoir opens back up. My advice to anyone else is to do the same. Hopefully the loss in revenue will help them understand that if there is nowhere to fish, the people that are dedicated to the sport/activity do have options and we will go somewhere else. By they way, did anyone know that when those fancy houses were built, they were built too close to the shoreline. But nobody ever did anything about that. They have too much money. I need some more ime to think about this. If anyone has any ideas on how we can combat this problem, let me know. Maybe we can get together and do something about this. A think tank of sorts. Says Gerald Brennan

I grew up fishing the reservoir same as many of you. I wish it would reopen again, personally I have no idea why they clsoed it down.... Many stories, not sure which is real. For all of you who are intersted in reopening the reservoir, best thing to do is contact your local state rep. Says Dave

I could care less about therules they have about fishing at the res now. I caught 9.5 lb small mouth bass there about 1 month ago, which is a state record, and the fishing game commite wouldnt reward me because I caught the bass at the resevoir. Instead of winning money I was fined 17,000 dollars Says Mike Faulk

There was a lawsuit back in the late 90' where some guys were drinking and decided to jump in the lake and not check to see if there were any rocks or debris first. One person was paralyzed from this incident, and that is why the fisherman's parking lot is closed! I have been fishing this lake since 1990 and worked there in the summer of 94'&95' as a seasonal security guard/ranger it was a great summer job! I let many of you fish along the banks, in float tubes, and even took some on the boat with me to key spots on the lake! I have a lot of great pics of fish to show all of you, but nothing I can upload. For all of you out there worried about fishing this great place, don't worry about it too much, if you get caught or even fined it's worth it. I still fish this lake and don't even bother bringing my fishing license with me anymore. Has anyone ever seen the structures, houses, barn, or old roads & bridges when the water drops 25 plus feet? Says Tall Guy

Aqua America didn't buy Philadelphia Suburban Water Company, they're the same company. They just changed their name due to the fact that they're buying up water companies across the nation. I wonder how many bodies of water Aqua has closed after purchasing them? Either way, I'm tired of talking about how Springton should be open. I going to get something started. Says Luke

I fished Springton for years as a kid and as an adult. I can remember my buddy's father droppin us off at 2pm and we'd catfish all night and kick butt. Got some huge largemouth out of there too. It's a shame you can't fish in your own backyard. Delaware county is probably the worst managed fishery in the state. Hopefully we can change this one day. plan on getting there this spring for the great crappie fishing.
I plan on seeing that little white truck quite often in 09' Says Chris Kane

I crossed the inlet to the lake the other day and the water level appeared to be way down; is there work going on? Says John Thomas

I live on crum creek and they put up a fence in my backyard so I cant get there to fish anymore....what will the cops do... Says Richard

Can someone tell me where I can park if I want to fish the res? Or is there nowhere to park? In that case where should I get dropped off? Thanks. Says Bob

I live in Ohio. My grandpa used to always take me to Springton when I was a young buck to fish. I came up there last week and it was a total bummer. Says Monkee

Is this true? You can't fish there anymore? What a shame? I fished there for over 20 years and it was always a great place to go. Says Nick

Ya I live in newtown square. I use to go fishin down there with my dad. Now I have to drive like 30 min to fish somewhere like is Says Nick D

I don't think fishing at the resevoir should just be for the rich who can afford to live in the luxery houses. Water and nature should belong to everyone! 911 is just an excuse to not let people around the rich houses. Says Bill

First of all,I don't know how anyone thinks they're going to be protecting anyone from ''terrorists'' by closing the reservoir an banning fishing,''FISHING!''to everyone and most importantly us locals. That really has to be some kinda joke cause no human being can be that dumb to think banning fishing is going to save the people! And as far as lawsuits go, put up a big sign so everyone can see ''FISH AT YOUR OWN RISK WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE'' And have every individual sign a paper stating just that! There problem solved, and for the people that live on the reservoir, you do not own it, so when you see someone fishing there {and you know who you are} Lets NOT call the guy in the little white truck to REPORT a fisherman. GROW UP! I always fished in the reservoir and still do and I would now love for my kids to enjoy it as much as I did. Maybe half the kids wouldn't be on drugs today if they could go right in there backyards and enjoy ''WATER''. See Ya At The Res.! Says Kim,also from newtown square

i think we should be able to fish resrovir because they have the best and biggest fish around and i go with my brother and his friend all the time and not 2 long ago a guy pulled out a huge muskee and and my brother chought a nice size catfish and we catch alot of bass. i think as long as we release the fish when we catch them just put it back. Says jordan kerr

The reason fishing has been banned in the resivore is because of the BS after 9-11. The water company is affraid of terrorists putting stuff in the water, which makes me angry because why would somone poses as a fisherman to do that? Wouldnt they think they would sneak in at night and do it? My uncle's best friend works for the water comapany so he found this out for me. I go wherever and fish wherever, right out in the open right off of the main roads atleast twice a week. Only once so far I've been kicked out, and that's all they do is tell you to leave. I've been fishing there since i was 3. The 44 inch tiger muskee on my wall came from that body of water and I'm never gonna stop fishing there. PS. The bass have been nailing the rattle traps underneath the bridges lately. Beleive it or not though, the biggest large mouth I've ever caught was in the willows pond in July, and ive only been fishing there for about 2 years.. Says Phil from newtown sq.

I fish the res every day. I will never stop. When the guy comes in his little white truck and tells me to leave I go to the other side lol. The reason they closed it is when aqua bought it off of Philadelphia Suburban Water company. It was right around 9/11, so then they had a big idea that someone was going to try and kill off all of Delco and poison the water. So that's why we're not allowed there, but you can find me there every single day after work. I was there earlier today, caught 6 huge bass. The water level is so low you can see 2 foundations of old stone homes that once stood where the water usually is now. Says Joe ward

Hey please drop me an e-mail, if you want your name to be on a list to send to whoever we need to, to get (legal) access to fish here again. Like everyone I just have had a ball at the rez all my life, so we don't need to deal with this. This is America. Says snappablue@yahoo.com

I totally agree I live in Delaware County and after the middle of May and the temperature starts to get warm the small creeks are no good for fishing, and fishing liscences are so expensive and unless you're willing to drive long distances, it's becomming pointless. I as well spent years fishing the resevior. It was a beautiful place to spend the day. Please reconsider whatever stupid reason is for not letting people fish. If you drive 45 minutes down Route 1 to the Octarora Resevoir, they let you fish there so there is no logical reason for not allowing people to enjoy something that should belong to everyone. Says Jason

Stopping fishing at the resevoir is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. The reason they banned fishing is because all these high priced people who live around there complained about the people. I think we all should complain to be able to fish again because it is the best fishing spot in this area. Says Michael Cook

Recently I took my daughter age 11 out to Springton Reservior for a day of fishing, nature, etc.. Now it's been over 20 years since I have fished there. Man has the surrounding landscape changed. Big mansions surround the lake and everyone around is driving a big mercedes or lexus looking down their noses at us in our recently restored '65 VW camper bus. I live in Delaware county, and this was always a nice place to go. I guess the water co. is afraid of lawsuits. That's my guess.

Best regards!!!

Rich Says Rich Tiriris

I have been fishing Springton Lake Resevoir since I was 11 yrs. old. I have not heard or understood why this resevoir is closed to fishing when the same water supply on Beatty Road is open. (Crum Creek.) Says Hal Kline

I would really like the lake to be open to fishing again Says John E Seng

Catch'n macker's daily! Go (?) deep you'll get em! - phisha


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