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Leisure Lake

 My family and I would stay at Leisure Lake every fall because our church ''The World Wide Church of God'' would hold services in Mount Pocono veery year and thousands of people would come to that area to observe the Holy Days. I remember Betty and George and Dean and June. I would love to visit the souvenir sshop and walk the isles and look at all the different toys and nic nacs and Indian souvenirs. I also would love it when Betty would make us cheese burgers in
    the kitchen and chocolate malts as we sat in the very small eating area. The game room was a blast. Air hockey, the pool table, pin ball games, ping pong table, juke box. I still have great memories of there. George and Betty treated
our family like their own family every year and I will never forget the great people that they were. Says Mark

Thanks for the reply,I stand corrected! I remember the clam boil at the lake, the Garramones, Melis, Bojarskis (Carol, Marsha and Frankie who I recently found on FB). Spent the better part of my life and adolescence in the Poconos and will always have fond memories of those summers.Thanks again! Says Brian Gassman

Today is June 22 2011, My
    late father's birthday and I just stumbled across this... It would have made my father so proud to hear your concerns and thoughts of good will and better times when we were kids... I think his greatest joy in life was to have all
 you guys call him ''Uncle George''... (I had soooo many ''cousins'')... I can be found on facebook or at dherrmann001@yahoo. Com. Please get in touch and tell others about this site... I'm thinking about starting a fb page for Leisure Lake

Brian... It wasn't just me... It was Billy McCrystal back there with me (playing with matches)... I can still see Mr. Crothers (?) running to help put the fire out and having to stop every 15 feet to pull his pants up
while he was running... And the game room never was air conditioned, it was just because it was in the basement that it stayed so cool... Remember the girls playing ''Baby it's You'' by Brick hundreds of times over and over.

Jenn... See you on fb all the time.. Thanks for the sweet words!
Krystal??? Karen... Thank you for your interest, but as Keith mentioned, my mom passed in 2004 and my Dad four years later... It was quite ironic, but after we sold the lake my Dad was living with my sister and had no knowledge of the fact that the new owners were demolishing the souvenir store.. Pause for reflection... But as the final bricks were removed, his health deteriorated until he passed at age 88... That place was his soul... And you and your families were his soul-mates... He never had a lot of money, but always felt he was rich because of you. Bless you all and bless Aunt Betty and Uncle George. Says Dean Herrmann

Remember when Dean burned down the archery court?! I spent my summers at Fern Rock 1971-83 but was king of the game room. Heck, it was the only place with air conditioning! I miss the place and was shocked and disappointed at the state of my old haunt. It is a shame about George and Betty; they were great people always willing to make me a malt. Says Brian Gassman

Just want to know if anyone knows what is going on with the lake.. Is it filled and can people go there. Today is 6-7-10. I would like to know? Any links to find out? Says Krystal

Omg was doing some research and came across Leisure Lake and it brought back so many happy memories we had there as kids. We used to rent cabins with other aunts and uncles and cousins for the week. Still remember that game room and Dean and his family. What great times they were! Says Jen Blazosky Abrams

I was just at leisure lake yesterday-5/16/10, and the lake is over flowing with water- Says John Wenner

I don't fully know what is going on but I herd Leisure Lake is having some Dam Trouble and is currently drained. Says George

I was on line searching for Leisure Lake and came across here. my family and I spent over 16 happy summers there and am sad to hear about Mr. and Mrs. Herman. They were always so nice to me and my family. I took my husband there to visit (around 2002) and he got to meet them and see what was always a favorite place of mine. I was even shocked to see good old Sally the pony was still alive! My family has so many cherished memories there and hope that the new owners can continue making good memories for new families. Leisure lake is such a beautiful place! Says Karen Mcallister

Was a great place.. spend most of my High C|School years summer there. It was owned by George and Betty Herrmann. George was my uncle. This place no longer exists (at least by that name), since it was sold a few years ago and my uncle died 2/15/2008. My aunt died a few years earlier. I am not sure what the new owner's plans are for the place but as the lake goes.. it will always be there. People can drop by to check it out and maybe update this page with any news about what replaced Leisure Lake Says Keith Adams


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