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Green Lane Reservoir

 Is there going to be a carp tournament in 2013? Says Alex K

Green Lane Reservoir is such a great place to go fishing. I went there the other day and got a really nice big carp. Says Henrick

Are Largemouth Bass native to Eastern PA? NO!! Should we bowfish them out of existence too? Most of our 'gamefish' are not native to this area and harm other fish populations just as much as the next non-native fish. Says Eric

To all those who say that
    carp clean a lake - where are you getting your info from? Are carp native? No. .... They are destructive to the food chain relative to GAME FISH. Says Denny McIlhinney

Got so many carp over 4 lbs bowfishing and fed the racoons.
Says Fishernut

I think it is awesome that people are passionate about bowfishing for carp in Green Lane. I am an avid bass fisherman and have been on the water and witnessed my brother catch an 8.9 lb. Carp on fishing tackle. We want nothing to do with these fish. I have also seen on more the one occasion large shools of 10 or more carp swimming together. I believe that bowfishing these fish is the only way to keep their already growing population from
    getting out of control. Says Jerry

I understand if you don't like bowfishing but saying there's a lack of skill in shooting them is wrong. I fish an bowfishing. Pursuing the fish and hitting underwater with light refraction
 is quite challenging. (...) As for carp not hurting the lake, there is thousands of pages of unbiased literature on the Internet explaining how wrong you are. Says Brad

Why would anyone want to waste such a good game fish? I live to catch carp and release them safely. They are one of the hardest fighting fish you can catch, and then we have some people that go out and kill them with arrows. What do these guys do with the carp other then throw them away?
It is wrong to think that carp are the ones that destroy lakes. It's the catfish that are responsible for this. I think that bowfishing should be outlawed so the population stays heavy and the waters are kept clean. Why are these wonderful sport fish allowed to be killed and then dumped in a trash can? Fishing for them is a real competition, not bowfishing for them. When you bowfish for them you can actualy see them. What kind of challenge is that? Says Ryan

On 10-4-09 there was a bike group said the reserved the whole parking lot on kniggt road, chasing most horse people out of the lot. I did not leave and were treated badly. Why is this possible? I thought that that the park was for every one? Says Gerald Otter

Was wondering if we can put a pontoon in the lake Says Mag Muoio

Bow-fishing is for the rivers.Not still water.This was no competition.It was a senseless slaughter that should have never happened.Have weigh boats stationed at several spots so the fish can be weighed and releases.Fishing for carp is more fun.You want to bow-hunt for carp .Go to the river that's a challenge.That is the sport. Says Vic

As vic said what is more logical. Shooting the carp that clean the lake. Or catch the carp take to weigh station weigh and put them back to do there job. And You are so worried about contamination from boats. See what happens when you kill 40% of the carp .Then who is to blame. Says Tom

And then when you have shot all the carp. Then what is left to shoot. This is utterly silly. Whatever happened to fish for fun. Weigh them record them put them back for next time. This is much better for everybody. Says Vic

I would like to thank everyone in charge at Greenlane Reservoir for putting together a great Bowfishing/Rod & reel carp comp. this year. Everyone I saw had a great time fishing. Aaron Gaither, and I rented a boat and Bowfished all day and at the end of the day came out with the largest carp shot with a bow, which was 8.3 lbs. And we also came out with the most fish shot, which was 29 carp. All together we shot 145 lbs of fish from 7:00am to 4:00pm. Thanks again for a great time out on the water. Says Frank Bradley

Want to know more about boating and boat rentals. Says Chuck Johnson


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