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Aquetong Lake

 I went to this spot once and saw huge carp swimming in the shallows, but didn't think it would hold any bass. I wasn't sure if it was private or not it looked like it might be on someones property, but then I also heard that the county purchased it so maybe they will clean up the area and turn it into a public space. Says Sam

I live less than a mile from this place. Me, my brother, and his friend decided to try to fish here. We found an old canoe with a tag
    on it that said 1855. We drained the water and paddled out with toy shovels. 90% of this lake is about 1 foot deep. Once you get to the dam-looking part it drops to about 7-9. We fished for about a half hour. Didn't catch anything,
or even see a fish (the waters clear as day). Says Evan Hopkins

Great for fishing, late at night when the bugs are flying on the surface, the trout jump out and get them. Too bad they don't go for your hook. I've caught sunnys trout and large mouth there. Great place that nobody else fishes at; my own little secret spot ha ha. Says Rob Welch

Went to this lake a couple of times. It is very isolated and the thermal pollution of the lake gives it a
    creepy look and feel. Also watch out for numerous snakes and insects! Definetly dont recomend. Says Julia Vasturia



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