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Tubaugh Lake

 My Great Grandfather was Henry Tubaugh, youngest son of Peter Sr. What remains of his house sits above Tubaugh Lake. I do believe Carl W. was my Grandmother, Gertrude (Tubaugh) Walters cousin. Henry, his wife Lavinia and many of his children are buried at West Union.

The Lake was built in the 1970s by my father's cousin John Kerr. His mother was Ruth Tubaugh, the youngest daughter of Henry. I reside in Tucson and will be visiting John in several days.
     Says Norm Walters

Tubaugh Lake, This day gets more and more interesting. When I was three I moved from Ohio to San Diego, leaving my father Jerry Tubaugh in Ohio. So today I was facebooking I decide to put my last name down
and hit search. So I found cousins and a uncle. 170 Tubaugh's in all. Then a cousin told me to look up Peter Tubaugh. Then I found out how my ancestors came to the US. Now I found a lake with my last name, this day gets more and more interesting. Says MATTHEW E. TUBAUGH

Hello - my grandfather was Carl W. Tubaugh - a decendant of Peter Tubaugh. I've never been to the lake but have been to the house where the Tubaugh sisters lived. I believe one of the sister's
    son, last name Kerr, may be the owner. My father, Harley, passed away in Jan. Of 2008. He is buried @ the West Union Church Of Christ cemetery. I plan on stopping by the lake the next time I go to visit dad's grave.

Have a
 wonderful evening.

Pat Says Pat Tubaugh-Rader

Wondering if there is anyone associated with Tubaugh Lake With the name Tubaugh and if so are they decendants of Peter Tubaugh (early 1800 era)? Says John R. Tubaugh


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