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Summit Lake

 OMG never again me an the hubby was fishing and up comes ah gator! Says Heaven

Summit lake has no swimming currently. But did many years ago. Although children from the neighborhood often try I know my bothers did. There have been several drawnings there over the years. Correctly there were alligators found there. Rumor also has it many stolen cars are at the bottom of that lake. Back in the day there was an amusement park; not sure what year it was removed,
    but know it was still there in 1959.. Was replaced by what we call in the neighborhood as the projects I think around 1963 first. Have since been upgraded. Says Phyllis

I've lived by summit lake all my life. And I have seen
7 or 8 people swim in summit lake which is the most nasty lake. Says Sondr

When did this become Mannings Pond? It was called ''Snagner's Pond'' in the 50's and 60's. Says Steve Stallard

You would be crazy to swim in that lake. The place is very polluted.This 'hood isn't exactly a vacation area. Says TopShelf

Summit Lake is an old man-made reservoir for the ohio/erie and ohio/pennsylvania canal systems in the area. There used to be an
    amusement park with beach/swimming area on the east side of the lake many years ago. Plenty of swimming spots just a mile or so south at Portage Lakes. Says Swimmerbob

Summit lake is an inner city lake that has no swimming.
 there is fishing but fish from the lake are not safe to eat, there have been 3 alligators caught there in recent years (seriously) The area is known to be quite dangerous after dark. There are some lovely areas just south of the city that are much safer. Summit Lake....not so much Says Vicki

I have no clue if there is swimming in Summit Lake and I would like to know. Says Joshua Huelsman


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