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Clark Lake

 I personally fished there yesterday 3/20/11. Me my buddy and his dad on a lil 10ft John boat an caught more fish than we could shake a stick, so on the other hand it is true you have to know the tendiances of the fish. And most certainly must be using the right bait. That's key for Clark Lake, and thanks to all who respect the place b/c it is a really good place to fish. Says Drewski

I fished at Clark lake and only fed the turtles. It's infested. Says Harlybudman

    big fish isn't luck. Know what your fishing for and what baits you're using and the right time to fish for big fish might help a bit.

My fishing experience at Clark Lake, Clark County, Ohio is not good. I usually only catch
bluegill there. Some small catfish and a few trout. Also a couple of water snakes and a turtle. If there are any big fish there, well I sure haven't had any luck catching them. Says Adrian

This lake could be a beautiful recreation area if you removed all the trash. We were very surprised to see two beavers. Didn't catch any fish here but did find several ticks on us when we got home. Says Acesnooker


Clark is a outstanding lake. I don't know where you guys normally fish? But I catch nice fish every time I go there. I agree that it is trashed up. I pick up trash every time I go there. Its such a easy thing to do, Just pick it up! Thing about Clark is all the over growth on the shorelines its hard to fish from the shore, Plus it holds fish so fishing it from a boat is way more productive. As for the turtles, Use something they cant catch..... - Cscohio


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