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Tillson Lake

 My grandfather was Hassi Tillson. He built Tillson Lake. My mother ran skating rink in the club house. Great place to grow up. Great memories there. We used to stay in the house on the far side of lake. Says Jeff Gibson

I remember going to Tillson Lake in the 1960's. My family lived in Brooklyn but we spent the entire summer in Ulster County. It was always a special trip to go to Tillson Lake. The one thing I remember about it was that there were no or very
    few fish. It had an abundance of bullfrog tadpoles. I think the lack of fish allowed the tadpoles to thrive. Says Frank

I was just a kid, only 4 years old, back around 1962 when my grandfather Sol, along with his 3 sisters
Syd, Betty and Margie, purchased what we called ''Stark's 4 Acres'' (Because of the 4 siblings who purchased the land together for their children and grandchildren). I grew up on Tillson Lake and I have to say that it was ''MY PLACE''... A place I could go to be all alone... So peaceful, So Serene, So Beautiful! For me there will never be another place like Tillson Lake. It was and always will be my #1 favorite place in the world.

I had heard that someone once
    drained the lake and was trying to build on the site. I'm glad to see that it has been filled again and hopefully preserved forever. My heart is in that lake and I love everything about it.

If anyone has pictures or information
 about the lake or anything that may be happening in and around the vicinity of Tillson Lake, Please keep me updated via email at: Phonetastic@gmail. Com

I am planning to take a motorcycle trip up to the lake sometime after Memorial Day, 2010.

If you are reading this and spent any time at the lake in the 50's, 60's or 70's, or even now for that matter, please email me with your information. That goes for friends, family and anyone else!

Hopefully... I?ll see you at Tillson Lake!

Jan Stark
Says Jan Stark

Just wanted to share this shot of a Rainbow Over Tillson Lake. - Dan O'Connor

Tillson Lake is a small slice of Paradice. The Fishing isn't Great but once in a while, if you're patient you may catch one! - Dan O'Connor

Sonny is Right. Tillson lake is a great place to Wash Your lures or Drown a Worm but you can leave the stringer home, the fish are few and far between, here's another Lunker! The Worst Day Fishing is STILL Better Than the Best Day Working! Millsie to You!!!!! - David Ohl

Tillson Lake is a Beautiful Place to viset but the Fishing realy isn't very good at all. This was The Big One!!!!! Millsie To You!!!! - Sonny Deyo

The Wallkill River Rats Met up here for some Summertime Fun on Tillson Lake where the Fishing is tough but the Memories last Forever! - Tom O'Connor

Tillson lake is a Slice of Heaven, where I caught My First Fish Ever,Pictured here, a 12 inch LargeMouth Bass! - Russ Reynolds

Bass Fishing at Tillson Lake can be a challenge. The lake is NOT Stocked, so the population is Not abundant but it's well worth the time, as not many other places are as peaceful as Tillson lake. - Dan O'Connor

Nestled at the foothills of the Shawangunk Mnts. in the town of Gardiner, Tillson Lake is a beautiful scenic location ideal for a peaceful day of Fishing, hiking, Kayaking or just relaxing by the shoreline. Hand launch for small boats only, no gas powered motors allowed. All boats MUST have Permits. Largemouth Bass, Catfish, Bluegill and Sunfish are amoung the species of fish. N.Y.S. Fishing License is Required. - Dan O'Connor


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