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Secor Lake

 My brothers and I worked part of the summer of 1975 or 1976 and stayed in one of the ''shacks''. Good memories. Also helped prepare me for Military Service. Says Labieno Collazo

I was a counselor at Camp Henry. 1967. I had the oldest campers. We were hungry all the time. I used to pick the blackberries at the dairy farm during break. At meals I used to cruise the youngest campersí tables for more to eat for my guys. Says Barry (rick) Moldover

    was a camper and counselor at Camp Henry also a graduated from the Pioneers Organization in 1974. Camp Henry was open in 1968 and close in 1976. Great place for the City kids to get away for the summer. I remember there was about
14 cabins, baseball field, Rec Hall, infirmary, hall for eating, and of course the lake. What great memories there. Says Ricky Roman

I was a counselor in '67. I had the oldest boys: 14 year olds. We worked mornings and had afternoons for camp activities. We had a camping trip to climb Slide Mt. in the Catskills. We travelled in the back of a flatbed truck with racks! I went on to work at a hospital for my alternative service, to satisfy my obligation
    as a conscientious objector. Says Rick Moldover

I met my wife, Esta Sacks, of 55 years (!!), at Secor Lake Camp. We both had 9 and 10 year old bunks and ''mingled'' frequently. Our first ''date'' was over pizza and beer at
 The Dutchman. What GREAT summers they were ........ YOWZA! Says Jeffrey (Meislish) Mitchell

Camp Henry. What amazing memories..fruit from DeLuca's farm, rootbeer runs on a hot day, the well in the middle of camp. My Dad Si Schwartz Director and his good pal Hal Schmetterling as Head Counselor. The Stones 'Satisfaction' on the radio most of the time. One of the young children of the Schwartz family who lived at the directors' house those summers. Says
Laura Schwartz

I lived on Monroe Street, about 3 blocks from The Henry Street Settlement House (also Pete's House)and attended PS 110, PS 131 and PS 85 Jr. High.

I spent many,many days at the Henry Street Settlement House, and in the summers at Camp Henry every year from 1947 through 1951. Each year, if there was room, I stayed for a second stint... Forty days in all. We swam in Lake Henry everyday, and a couple of times, I swam across the lake to a very small beach with a lunch wagon on the road just back of the beach.

We lived in 'shacks' of eight kids and a counselor.

I would love to hear from anybody who wants to share memories of same. Maybe we played together.

jimmyjfm@bellsouth.net Says James McDonough

Need information about the camp that existed on Kirk Lake in the same era...50s-60s, and possibly earlier. I grew up in the London Bridge Acres development, across the lake from that property. At that time it was in ruins....just some cabins and the Infirmary and main lodge buildings still standing, and the white docks still half-afloat. The propery (8 large fields along Hill St and the propery lining the lake) is now a sub-division, but I'm trying to track down any pics from that camp in its heyday. My email is jeff.davis.88@gmail.com. Many thanks in advance. Says Jeff Davis

Amazing how many of you I still remember. Fond memories. I can be reached at JeffreynS@aol.com Says Jeffrey Schwartz

Here's a more complete list of the persons in the above photo. This is Secor Lake Camp, not to be confused with Camp Henry which was also on Lake Secor. Names provided by Larry Kirschenbaum.

The Henry Street Settlement, still in existence, has extensive files archived, which include information and possibly pictures from Camp Henry, no longer in existence, which could you access.

Seated:Wayne Betrock,Bobby Rosenthal, Jay Mendell, Arthur Fisher, Harvey Weiss, Jeffrey Schwartz, Henry ''Fonz'' Winkler, Ronny Cline, David Lipton, Larry Kirschenbaum. Standing: Gary Udell, Bobby Siegel, Kenny Chasin, Steven Greenberg, Buddy Rosner (c), Lionel Blatt (boy's head counselor), Phil Goodman (c), Alan Yates, Steve Perlman, Dennis Bernstein, Norman Rosenberg Says Steve Greenberg

I was a counselor 1947, 48, 49! We did play '' home of the brave'' 1948. Morris Kuhl camp director. Please! Anybody from that era e-mail me. Nicrag@aol.com Says Richard Allan

I grew up on the lower east side in New York City, and was blessed to have been involved with the Henry st settlement as a child. My mom sent my brother and I to camp Henry every summer until it closed, and I'm so glad that she did. As we grew older we became CIT'S and was members of the PIONEER ORGANIZATION in 1975,which taught young men from the inner city to become responsible young men. I had the pleasure of visiting Mahopac falls this summer with my family where camp Henry was located and it was a blast from the pass, it brought back so many memories, it brought tears to my eyes, because it was a great place to spend my summers as a kid from the inner city. Says Reginald & Todd Davis

I was a counselor at Camp Henry from 1965 thru 1974. It was a 28-acre plot on the east bank of Secor Lake. The hearthstone in the dining hall read ''1909,'' but we were told that the first Henry Street campers arrived in 1906, coming by train & buckboard. To our south on the lake was Secor Lake Camp, a Jewish camp; above to our north and east was DiLucca's dairy farm. Camp Henry housed 90 boys in three ''trips'' of 20 days each, every summer. Camp directors were a man named Bonner (thru 1964), Simon Schwartz, ('65 thru ''67), and James H. Robinson, Jr. (1968 thru 1976, the last year of the camp's existence). I became a unit leader (Unit One, ages 7 thru 9) in 1971, and camp chauffer in 1974. Says Bill Kromer

Do you have any pictures of camp henry? My father went there in the 1920's. The land was sold a while ago and now has a housing development on it. Says Neil Chervin

Lillian Wald had a camp on secor lake .Camp Henry.i am fortune enough to have been born on the block where Lillian started the henry street settlement. I am a 49yr who spent 10 summers of my life on lake secor 67-76..Actually I live in the settlement for 3 1/2 yrs. Amazing! Says walter

In pic...Buddy Rosner and Henry Winkler - DaveRosner


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