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Mombasha Lake

 In the 50's & 60's our family had a summer home on the lake. My mother's father (Sam Hofford) built the house which was around the shore from Aunt nettie & Uncle Fred who owned Camp Comfort. Says Jerry Lewis

I started spending time at the Kloiber farm around 1952. Several years later we rented a small cabin from Muttie and Walter that was on the property. It was originally the ice house. I knew Mom and Pop Kloiber... The man still loved his Kaiser. My husband
    and I are making one last trip up from NC, where we live now and would like to see Doug Kloiber, son of Ernie and Mert. We knew him when he was a child. If anyone knows where he is, I'd appreciate knowing, so I can contact him. Konnidee1@att.net
Says Konni Dee

There are ruins of an old house on the west side of the lake. The chimney still stands. A man had told me there was an old garage next to it as well. It didn't have plumbing, but it was 2 stories high. As far as I know it looked small in size. It was right next to the water. There's a big rock just past it that leads to the water's edge. Apparently people used to swim there as well, and people used to pull the plants from the water to
    clean it for a swimming area. There are parts of a car door and beer cans. The house was abandoned since the mid 1950s but was later burned down apparently. If anyone has information on this particular house, please tell me and/or
 share a link. Says Maria Hall

We lived there too, right on the lake From 1959 to 1992. Great place we used to fish,canoe,swim,pick Blue berry's, walk on the ice and the woods up the hill from our house. At night you could see the stars clear as a bell. my email :howard-qescorp@sbcglobal.net . I've visited the lake via Google Earth , boy things have changed a bit!The bar on the lake we knew as Ernie's Bar opposite where the Fisher's lived on the West side.
Says Howard Freilich

Loved living in Mombasha 1950 - 1963. Miss those days for sure. Says WAYNE

My parents had the log cabin down the hill across from the Mombasha reservoir.  I knew Paula and Franz Kloiber.  Still see him taking the cows home across from our cabin along the Appalachean Trail.  I loved them.  This was in the 50s and early 60s.  Knew the home family, Butch, Katherine, Mary, Walter, Heinie, etc. Sometimes we ate at Meyferths, Mombasha Inn across from Frankie Fischer's house. Kloiber Lake was our favorite place.  Used to swim across to the rock to rendezvous with my boyfriend Carl Schulz. Later with others on the raft.  Spent many a Saturday night up at the bar where everyone of all ages, did the cha cha. kaj133@aol.com Says Kathy Jolowicz

Can anyone post some pictures of Walter and the bar? Says Ronald J McCormack

I acquired a photo album form 1920's that includes many pictures of the camp at Lake Mombasha and surrounding areas. It's a pretty neat piece of History:) I'm from down Jersey (South Jersey) so not familiar with area at all. Says Nikki RHoades

When Mary--we called her ''Moody'' passed away, the Times-Herald Record (Middletown, NY newspaper) did a big article about her interesting life. My late sister spent many happy years with Moody--a surrogate aunt to her, helping care for a horse. She had a peacock. And one time, baby skunks she kept in a bathtub! Says Former resident

Does anyone ever remember a woman called Tanta Em who ran the bar on the Lake, with her husband/partner Eddie? He was a drinker, as was she-very nice people both of them; Emily wore moccasins, a tallish tan woman with black hair pinned up-eddie, had a space between his front teeth-always smiling, wore 1 of those old fishing hats with the lures stuck in it; I am 61 now, but spent a lot of time there with my parents in summer; If you made a left near Red Apple,& drove a short way up the hill, made another left, Tanta Em's was on the right-you drove down to the bar past the bungalows-straight on, was a large willow tree, on the bank of the Lake-I used to catch frogs there. Email me at mystical_cheyenne57@yahoo.com Says Dorinda Villano

Spent many,many, weekends up at the mountain house playing cards on the patio after we closed the bar. Then in the morning going down to the red apple rest for breakfast, then headed back to the lake for a swim. Then on sunday, Walt and Mary would make us lunch, German styled chicken with home made corn relish. These were the best memories of the greatest place to go and meet the nicest people. Being a bouncer there held many great memories. Says Kenny Dzadik ''Tiny''

Danny, Danny, Danny(hoeschele)this is a voice from the past. Remember who you drove up there with? The place was DEAD. Not many from Bogota showed up and another high school, that we thought was going to be there, had their party the night before. I'll let you off the hook. The voice is Bob Grotto. Now in sunny Fla. Says Bob Grotto

I spent a few summers at Lake Mombasha when it was run by Walter and Mary Reich. Mary's father was still alive and also lived on the property. One year we rented one of the bungalows not far from the main house and another year with several people rented the big house up on the hill behind the Reich's house and bar. I had a friend who stayed there all summer and was out walking in the moonlight and was bit by a snake. I think Walter and Mary drove her to the hospital. Also, a reporter from the Village Voice came to visit one weekend and had too much alcohol and drowned in the pond. Despite this unfortunate event, I have mostly good memories of the farm,swimming in the pond and hiking in the woods. Walter and Mary were friendly and gracious people. I've often wondered if the property has stayed in the family somehow. If you have info please send to tofutou@hotmail.com. Thanks. Says Diana

Does anyone remember a bar and restaurant at Lake Mombasha run by a German man named Walter around 1962? It was a great place to go on Friday night for those of us 18 and older. Is the building still there? Says Ron McCormack

I remember after closing the bar going up to the mountain house and playing cards on the deck until sunrise then going for a swim in the pond, great memories. If anyone knows where any of the regulars can be found please contact tiny78@verizon.net Says Tiny

I live accross from Lake Mombasha, and have collected many old postcards of the lake and see many familiar names above. I may even have post cards from some of your relatives. Says Me

To Carl Schraufnagl, I remember you well, I summered right down the road at Shearins Cove at Lake Mombasha. JG3295@aol.com Says Butch Suarez

Can anyone tell me about a place called Schroeder's Farm on Lake Winape, by Lake Mombasha? My parents went there in the early 1930s (also to Camp Forestburg, near Port Jervis). Re ''Kloiber's'': My mother stayed with a Fritz Kloiber and his wife, who worked at Western Electric in Kearny, NJ, but returned to Germany before WWII (the same Kloiber family?). Please contact me at rmarkl@optonline.net or 914 481 8555. Says Rudi Markl

We spent our summers at Camp Comfort on Lake Monbasha from the late 1940's to late 1950's. My Grannie (Aunt May Hamilton and her husband Jake purchased a bungalow (or built) on property owned by Fred and Nettie Stevens. It was a glorious place to spend childhood summers. Says May Shanaphy

My parents met and married at Kloibers in the 1920's, and the family lived and grew up on Lake Mombasha until 1977. We have many friends and fond memories with families that have lived on what is now the Nettie Fred Corp. ,( was camp comfort). Says Carl Schraufnagl

In June of 1965 Bogota High school ( me included ) had our graduation party here. I was just wondering if this place still existed. If not, I still have wonderful memories of this place. Says Dan Hoeschele

My Great Grandparents, Franz & Paula Kloiber owned Lake Mombasha Farm, up the hill, Kloibers Pond. My Grandparents took over the business, Walter Reich married Mary Kloiber, they had 2 children, Katherine and Robert Reich. Katherine Reich is my mother.... wow, I cannot believe I can find this history on the web.... Says Marge

Back in the 60's & 70's I worked at lake Mombasa as a bouncer. It was a great place to be with some of the nicest people I've ever met. Memories I will never forget. Says Tiny78

This picture was long before we lived nearby. - Camp Cornish

Found this pretty postcard and looked it up on web and found this site - Never been there, but thought you all might enjoy. - MCS


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