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Goodyear Lake

 The boat launch site next to the motel has been closed and locked. Only Goodyear Lake Association members will be able to use this launch site. The boaters that trashed the lake and property can shuffle up the road and put their boat in Otsego Lake. Says Still b. mused

On Monday Aug 17 the Otsego county sheriffs dept along with the Milford fire dept had a practice drill pulling bodies out of Goodyear Lake. Most of this boating season there has been NO weekend
    boat patrol. With no patrol it can get dangerous with out of control boaters some of them openly consuming alcohol while operating their boats. It seems like if they put more effort into controlling the boating law violators they
might not have to pull a body out of the water. There are pics of this body pulling drill on the sheriffs web site. Use caution when boating this lake. The body they pull out might be yours ! Says Bert

We should be thankful for the sheriff we have. He must have a good reason for not patrolling the lake on weekends this season. Says VINCE S

We should be thankful for the sheriff we have. I'm sure he will do a better job next year 2010. Says Vince

Warning !! The Otsego county sheriffs boat patrol on the lake is only 20 hrs a week. The rest of the time NYS boating violations are seen all over. North of the Portlandville bridge is not patroled at all because they installed
 a mast on the boat and now it can't fit under the bridge . Any emergency, complant or NYS boating violation will go unanswered by the boat patrol north of the bridge. Speeders and NYS boating violators north of the bridge don't care about you, your boat or your property ....Staffing and resources are used to SHOW the boat and equipment off at county fairs and lake events rather than being used to increse the boat patrol. Says Joe Mumford


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