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Eldridge Lake

 Jim Appleton: Is your grandfather's chart still around anywhere? Would still love to copy it!Thanks. Says Jim

I was fishing brick pond in Elmira last summer when I hooked what I thought was a carp. It surfaced in the middle of the pond I saw it was an alligator gar. I done research and found they can adapt and live in our waters and climate. I did not land the alligator gar it broke my line halfway from the middle of the pond. There is no reason for
    ny D.E.C. to panic anglers will be able to keep the alligator gar under control. It is a mystery to me how the alligator gar got in Elmira's brick pond. Robert Gildea Elmira ny angler Says Robert Gildea

Many years ago, my Grandfather,
Jonas L. Fuller, with the help of my Mom, when she was but a girl, measured the bottom of Eldridge Lake and proved that it is not bottomless as folklore has it. He used a rowboat and a fishing reel and a heavy lead sinker on the end of the line. He would drop the sinker until it hit bottom and then measure the line. He had made a grid of the lake using points on the shore to line up on and did a reading every few feet all over the lake. Says Jim Appleton

    remember the swings ride going out over the water when I was about 10 years old (the old wooden rollercoaster was enough to scare any 10 year old) I was woundering if row boats or other water craft are leagal to take on the lake as I have not seen any on the lake in quite some time. Says Christopher Evans



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