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Chub Pond

 My Grandfather, Joe Polito, and his four brothers camped out on Chub Pond 3-4 weeks each year for decades. They used to fly in using Payne air service out of Eagle Bay. They used to bring in enough supplies to get them through a month. It would take Jim Payne more than one flight to bring in all the supplies. They camped out where the state lean to is located. They had a big canvas army tent with an oil stove. The year I went up there with them in October I remember
    waking up in the tent around 2am freezing cold with the top of the tent only inches from my head. A squall blew blew in off Lake Ontario and dumped a foot of snow on the tent and put out the fire in the stove. There was one year where
my Grandfather and his brothers saved two hunters who’d been lost for 3 or 4 days. Each had one bullet left in their guns and had planned to end their lives at some point if they weren’t found! They would bury their tent, stove and wooden bunk at the site and leave it there for the next season. I’d love to get back there again someday. Says Joe Marconi (Janice)

My first visit to The Pond was in Oct. 1958. My father and his four brothers had been hunting
    there for 20+ years. I hunted there every year (except 2 years in service) until 1968 when I went off to school in Michigan. While Michigan is beautiful it's second to the Adirondacks. A trip back there is on my Bucket List. Says

We went to Chub Pond in Oct 31, 2009 and it was awesome. We took the long way in about 7miles. We meet the most amazing people at chub pond 1 leanto that helped us out after we were soaked. They also helped us to the second leanto the following day. They were amazing, def. Shows there is amazing people out there. The second day at the chub pond leanto 2 we met the lean to rescue team that repaired leanto. They were also amazing people. We
got to help repair and paint the leanto with them. We then stayed for two additional nights. It was amazing. Says Amanda

I love hiking back to this pond! It is absolutely beautiful! The trail was a little muddy from atv's, but the trek is worth it. the loons were incredible to watch, and once i saw the arora borealis there too! Says Catherine Culican


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