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Ashokan Reservoir

 There is no license needed to fresh water fish on Staten island. Since silver lake has been downgraded from a reservoir to a lake and all the drinking water is stored under the lake now in two huge storage tanks, everyone is welcome to fish there , usually off the center dividing bridge. Says JOE

The Rondout Creek has no ''good whitewater spot'' and there is no such thing as ''whitewater paddling on the Rochester Creek. '' The Esopus is the creek that
    feeds the Ashokan, and upstream near Phonecia there are indeed places for tubing and whitewater canoeing. Concerning the Ashokan Reservoir itself- it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that if you plan on fishing the reservoir, you obtain a NYC
DEP permit. You can get the permit at: http://nyc. Gov/html/dep/html/watershed_protection/recreation. Shtml The permit is free. Boating on the reservoir is also by permit only, and only for qualified rowboats that are registered with the DEP. No canoes, kyaks, sailboats, motorboats, etc... Are allowed on the Ashokan. The main posting is somewhat misleading because the only places open to the casual visitor are the public throughfares, which does include the now  
    closed (to traffic) road over the Ashokan dam that is mentioned. All other use of reservoir property is severely restricted, and by permit only. DO NOT test the DEP police who patrol reservoir property... They are very professional
 and stone cold serious about DEP regulations. If you are entering an area that says, ''... By Permit Only'', take it seriously and avoid legal hassles that can include hefty fines and even jail time. If you come across a ''NO ENTRANCE'' or ''NO ADMITTANCE'' sign, do yourself a favor and do not ignore it! The Ashokan is indeed a beautiful day-stop, but you must keep in mind that its primary purpose is to supply NYC with clean, safe drinking water. As long as we all
obey the rules, we can all continue to enjoy recreation at Ashokan. It is a virtual guarantee, however, that if misuse of reservoir lands do not subside, the Ashokan will be off limits to all of us. I have personally seen swimmers (even young children completely nude in the very dangerous dividing weir area!), illegal fishing from canoes, sunbathing in restricted areas, illegal campfires, and once even some people Tobogganing down the shoulder of the main dam! Once you leave the earthen shoulder of the dam, the plunge is straight down over TWO HUNDRED FEET down a gorge onto rocks! Please, if you visit Ashokan, be responsible and safe so we all may continue to enjoy its beauty and recreational opportunities!

This is important to visitors and us locals alike since we would like to see the Ashokan stay open to everybody, and if rules continue to be violated here, NYC will pull the plug! Says Victor Albright

4/26/09 ... For the last 16 years since I have been living in Staten Island, I have seen people fishing off the bridge that runs across Silver Lake and have also witnessed them catching some pretty large fish (species unknown). I don't know about fishing licenses, but I have never witnessed any enforcement agencies harassing the fishermen. Says Ed B.

Does anyone know why there is no fishing at Silver Lake Staten Island? is this lake state controlled or city regulations for fishing with a valid fishing license and reservoir permit. As much as I would like to fish up state, it is an expense to come up there day to day. Silver Lake Staten Island, has some of the best bass fishing in the state and now DEP is saying that there is no fishing there. They have to be kidding. Terminal Silver Lake was closed for drinking water in the year 1971. The only use now, is to supply water to the Silver Lake Golf course and for a pressure blow-off from the underground tanks. Any answer would be helpful. Says Alfred


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