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Silver Lake

 Not very friendly employee. 15 DOLLARS JUST TO LOOK AT THE  LAKE? Wife and I drove by Thursday. No way I was going to pay just to look! (Fri, 10 Jun 2016)

The owner or people running the lake office are very rude. The sign says ''No Drive Thru's'' which is understandable. But they won't even let you WALK THROUGH to see if it's a place you might want to camp. We paid 10$ for a brief 10-minute disappointing walk. We didn't even see the lake, and he still
    demanded the 10$. Looked like a nice place for high dollar vagrants. Says Rod

Campgrounds were so so. Lake left a lot to be desired. Fishing was bad, and bathrooms were nasty. Says Brian

Silver lake is a nice camping
area. What needs to change is the personal front desk that are running the campground. They are very rude, and bathrooms are horrible, and front desk persons at camp don't seem to care whenever you let them know bathrooms need cleaning. Come on we need change in management at Silver Lake. Says Mike

We have been camping there for the hot showers not the fishing so can't comment on that. People who camp there leave a lot of trash. Graffiti in the restrooms and
    port a potties. Trash cans don't have lids, however, didn't see too many critters (like raccoons etc) because the people are SO noisy. Once the sun goes down, the radios go blaring and then the campers have to yell over their music
 to hear each other. Quiet hours are supposed to start at 11pm, but I don't think it was any earlier than 12:30am when I finally fell asleep despite the noise that was still going on. Gates are open all night so early morning (2,3, 4am) arrivals can come in and they make noise like it's the middle of the afternoon. NO ENFORCEMENT of the posted rules and very little respect by some campers make it a not very peaceful weekend. At $15 (2013) per car for tent camping,
I could get a close to or better rate nearby at a National Forest site and actually enjoy the outdoors. Says Lisa

It's the people that trash the place they don't pick up there trash and it ends up in the lake. As far as the restrooms they try to maintain them best the can. I think they should they should have more trash pick ups yes, but we all have to do our part. I have been camping there for years with my family, and we always catch fish and have a great family outing. Says J Delariva

Had some decent luck fishing here (on spoons and spinners), but it's kind of a nasty little pond for being in the mountains. Reminded me of the playa lakes in the public parks here in Lubbock, TX. Will never go back...it's ridiculous that you have to pay to fish at such a dump. (edited) . Go to Bonito. Or better yet, up around the Red River/Taos area to the real mountains. Says Steven

I agree that people need to be clean, but there is nothing we can do when the restrooms get full. That is something the camp management should take care of. As far as the fishing goes I have never caught anything there but I have been around when other people do catch. could be what we use for bait, or what we dont use??? I do feel camp management could be better. Says J

It's not that they don't clean. It's the people that don't take care of the restrooms. I have been there early in the morning, and it's very clean, but people start coming in. Later on in the afternoon you go into the restroom, and it's all dirty. People don't know how to take care of it.

Glen O Jones lake is very beautiful, has nice camp grounds , and has awesome food at concession stand with wonderful family orientated people who serve you. I was truly blessed By God from camping there for 3 days. It is a wonderful place to have a peaceful and relaxing scenery that God created to enjoy . Highly recommend coming here to camp. Says Whitney

The person in the Office said they had just stocked the lake the night before. When we went fishing that day, we couldn't catch any fish, as a matter of fact there were about 30 other people around the lake, aside from the 8 people in our party fishing at different parts of the lake. Nobody caught anything during the whole time there. Very Disappointed. Bathrooms are really nasty, with graffiti everywhere and trash everywhere. Very poorly kept campground. Says Phillip


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