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Palatine Lake

 My family would go to Palatine lake every summer with all relatives and friends. We would have the best time: cook out, swim, and have a blast. I also remember the ride down with all of us in my dad's station wagon. Lots of great memories Says Kim Kopenits

It was a special treat when my dad would take me to Palatine Lake to go fishing in the 1960s. We always caught a large string of pickerel. Wed take turns rowing/trolling. At lunchtime, dad would
    fire up the hibachi on the middle seat and wed roast hot-dogs. After lunch, dad would row slowly up to the lily pads and let me catch turtles. The lake had lots of big turtles. Good times! Says Doc D


I too used
to come down to this lake every summer for awhile. My parents were friends with Jean and Jack Ferguson who once owned a cabin there. Does anyone know if this is a private lake now? I saw all kinds of pictures of homes that state Palatine Lake Village - hence, my confusion.

>Also does anyone know of a man named ''Norbert''? I think he may have lived over in Elmer. He and his brother used to come over to the lake and hang around with us. I'm in my early 70s now,
    so I'm taking you way back.

Please respond to me through my email if you can answer any of these questions. Thanks!!! And I'm so glad to see many of you have not forgotten this lake and all the good times here! Lee Stevenson
 email: upbeatandhappy@hotmail.com Says Lee Stevenson

Would love to see pictures of the lake from the late 60s. Says Jim Burns

If you're on Facebook, there's a group called ''I Loved Palatine Lake.'' Check it out. Lots of nostalgia & great pics. If you like it, join it. https://www.facebook.com /groups/ 111067225587961/ Says Dennis Bou

I am curious as to whether this Lake is now state owned or privately owned? It is right down the road from
me and it looks like such a great place. This and Bostwick Lake but I believe that one was closed down. I can go take pictures the place still looks beautiful. If anyone knows any info please let me know.... zach.ahl@gmail.com Thanks! Says Zachary Ahl

I worked at Palatine lake in 1958, 59 & 60 fixing boats, lifeguarding, builting cabins, cleaning-up, collecting money at the gate (to get in cost less than $1.00 per person & kid over a five....fifty cent?? It was the best of times. Too bad I didn't know it. Says Bob Ternay

Reunion for Palatine Lake to be held at Garrison Lake Rte 553 Monroeville, NJ on Sept 4th, 11:00. Catered bar-b-que lunch $12.00 mail check or $$ order in advance to: Sharon Kennedy 519 Burlington Rd. Pittsgrove, NJ 08318. $8.00 entrance fee into park on arrival. Says Kathy

I grew up going to Palatine lake Park in the 60's, 70's and 80's. My entire family spent so many wonderful Sunday's there. It is one of my favorite childhood memories. Please let me know if there is a reunion Says Tom

I was the lifeguard at Palatine I hearnthere is a reunion coming up around Labor day. It was a great group of people! Says Stephanie Hannold

I also was wondering where to get some info? I drove down the other day with the misses and cant see where the rides used to be? Says Scott

I'm 46 and we stayed in a cabin for two weeks every summer between 1968-1971 or 72., I remember buying ''punks'' at the store, catching frogs with my brother...I may have some old pics I can post...I think we stayed in cabin #2 but I'm not sure... Says Bill

There's a bunch of us tryint to get a reunion together
John: Cathy will be there. Says Rose

When I was a young girl we spent many summers on Palatine Lake. We had a trailer at the far end of the lake. We spent many of days swimming and frog hunting. My cousin and I used to play don't rock the boat and tip our fathers row boat over all the time. It was great. I remember going back in the winter and ice skating when the lake was frozen. My mom has some pictures I will post them soon. God I miss them times. Says Kim

I am 61 yrs old, and our family rented a cabin at Palatine Lake for 2 weeks during the summer from 1957-1962. Great times for a young boy .... made lots of friends there over the years! I remember the owner's (Ben Wagner) house at the South end of the lake, and you'd often see him walking around (sometimes with his son, Bud) checking out the crowds or trouble-shooting. I remember the store (pavilion) at the center of the park where you could buy hot dogs, hamburgers, soda, snacks, etc. .... and don't forget hours in front of the pin ball machines! They had a nice beach with a diving dock, sliding board, and lifeguard on duty. In the evening, the kids would meet at the playground, and somebody always brought a radio. We'd stay there until the mosquitos got unbearable, then go home to bed & do it all over again the next day! Also remember playing horseshoes with the adults, and beating most of them. Wonder where I can get some info. (history) or photos of the old public park? I miss you, Palatine Lake!! Says Dennis Bou

Nothing but great memories of swimming here and going out to the huge floating dock that was anchored out in the lake. Wonderful memories of a pretty girl named Cathy who lived there and stole my heart, I spent a week at the lake that year and every single minute of it I tried to be around Cathy, her friends told me she liked me too which at 9 years old was a pretty big deal, we went out in the row boats and just enjoyed the crush we had on each other like most 9 year olds did, I will never forget that cute face tho, it's been 48 years since I saw her last but her face is burned in my brain forever, first loves really do not ever go away, didn't used to believe that but still seeing her face after all this time makes me want to see her again. On the off chance that she might see this my e-mail address is jrblythe@verizon.net and I live in Fl. now. Says John

I am 83 yrs of age, and had many outings at Lake Palatine for swimming and picnics. There were times though that we had to pack up nd leave when my parents opened the picnic basket, due to the miserable Yellow Jackets swarmed around us when we started to eat. What a big disappointment THAT was.! So sorry I have NO pictures! How we seven kids enjoyed those outings.I have NEVER forgotten those trips. Says Julia

- Dennis Bou

Palatine Lake Park 1957 - Dennis Bou


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