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Lake Neepaulin

 My grandparents had a home on Lake View Drive in the 60s/70s. My cousin's, brother's and I spent our summers there and for me, those were the BEST times of my life. Says Debbie Castagna

My family had a house on Vista Trail during the 60's. It was the BEST time of my life. That is where I met my husband Lou. Says Mary

I am not sure when these posts were written...no dates. I also spent summers on Fernwood Rd....I believe Carol must be Carol in
    the yellow house at the top of the hill....I am sure u remember my dog ''Sarge''......What is the deal with ''taking away'' the lake...? I havent been to Sussex for many, many years but remember some great and silly times..a great
place for 'teen' memories. I have lived in Boulder, CO since 1979...I'm afraid the mountains have a special hold on me but my love of outdoors and primitive camping comes form exploring the High Point Wilderness... Isnt the internet a strange but wonderful thing....glad to have found this site.....Yours, Noreen O'Brien (Bunny) Says Noreen (Bunny)

Hey Carol, I miss it too. It was beautiful back in the '60s and '70s - sometimes I wonder what it's like
    now... Was writing a facebook post about New Jersey, and I wanted to mention ''the country house'', as we called it. So glad I was able to find Lake Neepaulin, because I just couldn't remember the correct spelling!! Says Robert Amarante

 used to have a house on Fernwood Rd., my nickname was Tuna fish, and we just sold the house to 2-3years ago. I have to say it just keep it country living and enjoy every moment regardless a public or private it is the great place in the entire world. God bless the new people taking over. Says Carol Infortunio

I'm the forth generation at lake neepaulin.Right now probably noone knows but they're taking my lake away. I'm now past mad I'm furious. If noone dose somthing about this but if you do see this. my beautiful lake. My home. - Erin McElwee


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