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Lake Lefferts

 I remember swimming at the public swimming club on Ravine drive. I also have a scar on the bottom of my foot when I stepped on some glass in the cove when I was real little. My friends and I found a raft once it was made out of four fifty gallon oil can and some wood. We had a ton of fun with it till we found out it was owned by the public swimming club and had to give it back. Says Bob Loy

This lake was my child hood. I learned the whys and wherefores
    on the lovely body of water. Day and nights summer and winters. Duck's (Louie) and fishing. Drinking under the rt 34 bridge and fishing there the next morning. Bon fires on 7ft of ice at infamous turtle cove. The rope swing by the
church was the best!!! Says Thomas Turk

I live on this lake, I'm 14 and every summer I have the most wonderful time on floating docks with my friends and waking up and kayaking with my little sister. Says Jesse

I remember swiming here when I was young. A big different from the creek under the parkway bridge. Says Alex Trahim

I remember back in the 50's I would go past the lake and see kid's swing from a tree on a rope, and then let go and dive in the water. I was so jealous, but I had Cliffwood. Says Warren Taylor



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