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 Feeling a nostalgic moment, I googled and found this site again. Mommy passed in 2018, and Daddy passed in May-2021. All my Farrington memories are in my heart.  No more stories from them. Mom, Gladys, was the camp nurse, and dad was known as “Frank the Rain Man” because every weekend he showed up - it rained.  I remember Barbara, Marcia, Merri Lucy, Jeanne, and so many more it would take forever.

You all remain in my memories under ''great times and
    life changing.'' Says Lorna O’Farrell-MacIntire

So cool to have found this page. I wonder if it is still active? I see Lorna O'Farrell posted. She was in my bunk! I have a photo I found right here. Says Barbara Berger

not sure how active this site is or how long since the last post was, but I might as well put my two cents in.

I went to Farrington from 1959-1967. I have many good memories of Farrington (and some unhappy ones, of course): beating Lake-Vu in softball in 1966 (I went three for four), discovering girls, kitchen raids, sneak-outs....

I second what others say about the atmosphere created by Ethel (and to a lesser extent, Mischa), Howard, Terry and
    Chuck (I got in trouble with him once for mouthing off, but deserved it).

Loved the gold rush, was moved by the end-of-summer ceremonies: linking arms in the dining hall and singing ''Friends, Friends, Friends'' (I just remembered
 the mixed meals and occasional eruptions of ''X and who? X and who? X and Y, woo woo woo!'') and the candles on paper plates floating around the swimming pool.

I went back in November of 1991; the buildings were there, but didn't seem in good shape and there was even a go-kart track(!)

Jon Krampner bluewombat134@startmail.com Says Jon Krampner

I went to Camp Farrington in 1968 and 1969. I have great memories of my time there. Don't know
if anyone would recognize me. It was great to review these phtos and memories about a place and time that was special. Says Stuart Leonard

Sue Greenwald just learned about this site and sent it to me. So great to hear from you all...whom I actually remember! I don't see your submission dates, and I'm guessing this site predated the camp reunion we pulled together after 40+ years at Chuck Silverstein's apartment in 2009. (Ethel and Howard didn't leave us contact lists and without internet access. We were lucky to track down quite a few old timers who attended... Sorry if we missed you!) Herman Farrer, one of many camp cousins, launched a Camp Farrington blog site around then, though I don't know if it's still active. I'll look into that. Lots of photos are posted there. If anyone wants to contact me, I'm at jeannecmcnutt@ gmail. com. Hope all are well...and unlike me in PA, able to find vaccinations! Take good care, Jeanne Says Jeanne Greenwald McNutt

I was the waterfront counselor/director in I believe 1960 and '61. Though small in size this was the epitome of what a children's camp should be. I had worked on the waterfront at Camp Tagola and Camp Ranger (head), and Farrington was a much better experience for the campers. This was in no small way due to the influence and control that Ethel Borodkin, one of the owners (along with her brother Howard Greenwald exercised over every aspect of the camp. Ethel's husband Mischa was a violinist with the NY Philharmonic as well as being a state champion tennis player - - a renaissance man! Howard's daughter was Jeanne, and it was the time for musical hit about a polka dot bikini. I remember the Sunday evening, after dinner, relaxing on the grass to recorded music of a classical nature. I had some wonderful experiences. I remember the ''Pioneering'' counselor Chuck and one of the most unforgettable loves of my life who shall out of respect remain nameless. They just do not have camps like this anymore, and like many things we refer to as the good old days, they are sadly gone forever. Says Martin Filler


You were in Bunk 3 your counselor Beverly dated Bob Silverburg who was my counselor. I was in bunk 11. I also remember your cousin Lenny Weil as he was great in tetherball. I remember Jeanne Greenwald and her brother Terry.

I went to Camp Farrington for five years. Of course I remember Diane Tivin very well. First day of camp you went across the monkey bridge 12 times. I remember the other girls in your bunk: Amy Larkey, Susan Greenwood, Judi Burton, Alice Silinsky Tinker Marine, Janice Coburn, (her sister was a good dancer) and Alice Fogel. Ted, you were in my Bunk 7 with Mike Krampner. I had a great time at camp. Howard Greenwald was always great to me. I remember Chuck taking me to the hospital  after a bunk bed fell on me. Dick Sullivan was the water instructor. Amy Larkey has two  brothers and a sister. I will always remember Vinnie Sussman . Would like to speak to former campers. Says Rick Cole

OMG! I googled this just out of the blue and found a photo submitted by Diane Tivin! I was in your bunk, early 60s. Amazingly, I have our camp photo from then. Our counselors were Naomi and Beverly. Jeanne Greenwald (??) was our CIT. There was a ''Tinker'' Marine in our bunk. Don't remember anyone else. I'll check back to see if you answered. That would be so great. Says Fern Antipol

I attended Camp Farrington 1952 - 1954. I must say that the experience was life changing: learned how to fish, first girlfriend, witnessed the birth of rock and roll (''Rock Around the Clock''); learned to dance (Lindy Hop), and improvising skits with my bunkmates in bunk 9 who included Gene Herson,  Bobby Silverman, Josh Rifkin (musical genius/recently knighted), David Hersher. My last year there the ''nature counselor'' was Paul Krassner, who at the time also worked at Mad Magazine which gave the greatest possible cachet. I vaguely recall a man named Mischa who was either an owner or a friend of one who would show up from time to time and play spectacular tennis. I could go on... Says Dan Goldstein

I went to Camp Farrington from 1950 to 1958, 8 of the most wonderful years of my young life. Started upstairs in bunk 5 with Lois Morgan, Miriam Herscher and a little gal named Judy. Have been in bunks 6, 2, 3, 10 and 4 as well. I rewrote the words to the song ''The Place I Live In'' and changed it to ''The Camp I Live In'' while I was there. I remember the monkey bridge, arts and crafts shack, social hall, going riding at Sam's Ranch and stopping for ice pops at the general store if we were good, sneaking out at night, raiding the kitchen, and so much more. Says Nancy Schoenfeld

One of my favorite things about Farrington was listening to Mischa Borodkin practicing violin out on the tennis courts with no one around. Says Laura Hussong

I was at Camp Farrington from sometime in the early 60's until the very early 70's... I feel those summers were some of the best in my life and gave me the inner ego strength to become the person I am now...

Lorna I think we were friends... Marcia Regenbogen and Merri Milwe were also there-

I remember sneaking out of the bunk to steal the counselors ''snack''-only much later did I learn that the Borodkin's and Greenwald's left snack for the bunks whose counselors had pre-scheduled the ''raid'' (counselors regularly got pb&j for their snack)- Now how cool is that to safely allow kids to feel like they were on a raid' in alliance with their counselors and unbeknownst to them, with the support of the owners!

Mike Distler was a younger friend of mine from Teaneck, NJ who came to camp his first year with my support!

Tomorrow I am visiting my daughter at Camp Nyoda, the closest type of camp to Farrington that I could find! This spurred me to search for Camp Farrington and am glad I found this site and would love to be in contact with anyone interested in hashing over Farrington memories! Says Amy Strickler

I was there from 65-68. I remember beating Lakeview in softball 3 times while I was there. Mike Distler and I were the stars of the team Says John Denker

Camp Farrington was the best. I was there in the 60's but don't remember exact years. I went one or two summers as a camper and then one summer when I was a little older as a waiter. My father Herbert Lederer was brother to Terry Greenwald. Terry and Howard Greenwald were two of the owners of the camp. One of my favorite memories was sneaking out of the bunk house after hours and pretending to be councillors as we made our way over to the girls bunk house. I so remeber the ''lily pond'' and monkey bridge and how much fun they were. Says Ted Lederer

Yes - Truly the best. I was there for 5 or 6 summers from approx 1964 to 1969. I remember watching Neil Armstrong walk on the moon among many highlights... Says Mike

Back in the 60's there was a sleep away camp called Camp Farrington. It was a fantastic place and one I remember as the most important in my life!Does anyone know or remember? I would love to get in touch with them. Says Lorna O'Farrell

Hello everyone. I am so happy that I found this site. I would like share a photo with you from the mid 60s when I was there. I went to Camp Farrington from 1963 to 1967. Hopefully some of you remember me from your times at camp and if so I would love to hear from you. I was in bunk 3 and bunk 10 over the years. I recently went back to find that most of the buildings are still there and being used. It is now being used as a phone repair business. It brought back many great and happy memories. I too remember the monkey bridge, ball field, snapping turtles, horse back riding at Sam's ranch and just having fun with the other girls. My e mail address is dianem172@verizon.net, if anyone would like to contact me. - Diane Malena (neeTivin)


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