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Crestmere Lake

 I attended Camp Crestmere in 1958. I was terrified by the water as well but took lessons the following year after nearly drowning at a motel in the Catskills. I loved the smell of baked cookies wafting in the air around the Nabisco plant. Around 1959 quasi-municipal ''swim clubs'' started popping up all over Bergen County. We joined the New Milford swim club at that time. My parents treated me to a YMHA program when I was 16 - Teen Travelers. The program was
    astounding. It included a train trip to Expo 67 in Montreal, a dude ranch in the Poconos and so much more. Says Dan Lazarus

I also attended Camp Crestmere in Pompton Lakes or Plains in the early 60's. Probably 1962. I can't
seem to find my Camp photo, but it's around here somewhere. I remember passing the Nabisco Building on Route 208 and listening to Dan Ingram on the car radio during ride home everyday from camp. Says Dan Levine

Remember Larry... went there mid 60s Says Robert

I attended camp Crestmere from 1965 until it ended in the 70s. Then it became camp Arrow Head. I still remember the water front director Larry Steward. Says Bill Medlinski

I happened to
    see this post. I went to Camp Crestmere in the late '50s and have my group picture somewhere. I will try to find it and post it (I was terrified of the water and cried every day). Says Mark Arnowitz

I also went to Camp Crestmere,
 and met a long-lost cousin, whose sister was my counselor as well. Just last week in Concord, MA, of all places.  Small world. Says Susan Baum

I went to Camp Crestmere in 1960, and will look and upload photo later. Says Anthony Stella


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