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Cranberry Lake

 This is the spot my uncle and aunt took me to vacation. When there we used to go in July for 2 weeks, and I love it there. My uncle and aunt have passed on, but the fun we had there will never fade. Says John Fredman

Great memories Sunday Mass at the club house with the folding chairs, the best songs in the Club House jukebox, and the tennis courts across the street. When you were finished playing a game of tennis, you came over and jumped in the lake
    with your clothes on. Oh, and let's not forget the King and Queen dances. It was so much fun and memories close to my heart. They were the good old days. So many wonderful people. Let's have a Reunion and bring pictures and medals.
I have a few. The Best To All . Says Lynn Hurley

We lived in Weaver House Cove from '43 to '68.  Summers at the lake were the best years of my life.  Alvin Reid, Paul Ellison, and I were were close as ticks.  I miss the lake and all the friends that went with it.  What a great place to grow up. Says Bob Weskerna

Bert and Mary's, Rock Island, Panther Island, Briar Isle, Blueberry Island, Rope Swing, diving off the bridge. Having your badge checked
    by Smokey Swistak. Placing pennies on the tracks when the train came and kissing the girls down at the spillway. Great summer fun. Hi to all. Says Don Boyd

Time for my yearly visit - 2013. I will be in the area for a wedding
 on July 3rd & July 4th. Says Cyndy Dugan

My grandfather and great-uncle built our house in Rose Property in late 1930's and it was destroyed by a fire in mid 1980's. I spent almost every summer from the time I was a baby until my early twenties there. They were the best summers - going to the clubhouse, hanging out with the Sullivans and the Hoars. I go back once a year to see how things have changed - going this year on the 12th. I love the welcome sign!
Says Cyndy Dugan

My grandmother built a home in Frenche's Grove in 1922. The house on the hill overlooking the ''pump house''. Our family spent 57 years at the lake. I managed the Club House in '55 and '56. I spent some of the best summers of teen years at the lake. Still think of it and miss it. Says Dick DeHaven

What great memories we have of C.L.. Our cousins the Murphys from Bayonne had a house maybe on Rose Trail. Bert and Marys , the Pink Elephant The clubhouse and that great rope swing. Swimming and being up in the mountains or it sure seemed like it to a 9 year old boy from Roselle. Thank you Cranberry Lake for some great lifetime memories. Says John Quigley

Cranberry Lake I can only say that I had some of my best years ever all the great families the Molloys, Days, Drakes & Mr. Kelly and sooooo many more families to mention swimming, diving, boat racing and I still have my medals We should have a Cranberry Lake reunion I will help in any way if anyone is interested let me know lynn1805@gmail.com I now live down the Jersey Shore Says Lynn Hurley

Let's not forget that right next to Bert and Mary's was the Pink Elephant. The bar was sunken at water level and the smell of Reingold Beer permiated the dark musky smoke filled room. I was ten and playing pool and pinball at Bert and Mary's but I can still see the faded Pink Elephant sign with asterics for eyes and the trunk holding a martini glass. That was almost 50 years ago. Says Dr D Castellaro

Yeah, that's the entrance to the beach. It's located right where the old Lackawanna railroad tracks use to be adjacent the site where Bert and Mary's general store was located. The bulletin board in the background has been in that location for over 40 years. Says Tom Leonard

I am a previous resident of Cranberry Lake and do not ever remember seeing a Welcome Sign. The last time I was visiting my mother was in October 2006. She lives just up the road from the Cranberry Lake Community Club club house. Many times in the past I have walked across the bridge into French's Grove without ever seeing a Welcome Sign; although I think it is a very good addition to welcome visitors. Says Gerald Francisco

Welcome to Cranberry Lake - Elizabeth H. Morgan

- Elizabeth H. Morgan


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