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 Believe it or not I was a counselor at camp magpie in 1947. I think it was the second year of opening . Kept in touch with Herta and Hans for a few years and lost touch. Happy to hear that they had a long life together. I will try to visit Orange Pond this weekend as I will be in the area celebrating my grandson’s wedding. Will keep you updated. Says Erika Weile Novick

I was there from 67-69. My mom says I was crying when I left and crying when I returned.
    I loved it and loved the counselors, the camping, the socials, and dancing to Light My Fire which has just come out. Hans and Herta were another story. They were friends of my Mom from Vienna. I was a bit of a rebel, so we had some
conflicts. Some years later I returned for a surprise visit with another former camper Jonathan Rofman. We were met with hostility and since we had hitchhiked there were driven to ''the border'' even though we had only good intentions. But I still honor them for their creation and loved the place. If anyone knew me from back then, my cell is 607 722-0537. Feel free to call or text. Says Eliot Fiks

I just learned that both Hans and Herta were born in Vienna
    in 1911. I knew that Hans died one month after Herta in Green Valley, AZ. Both were 97 years old. AMAZING! When I was a camper at Camp Magpies in 1949 and 1950 when I was 8 and 9 years old, H&H were 38 and the 39. At the time, there
 were just a few campers with 2 councilors, and we were all in the main house. There were no additional buildings. The house was built in 1740, and the house down the road was part of the Underground Railroad to get escaping slaves to Canada.

If it wasn’t for H&H exposing me to the rural outdoor activities in the area, I might have been a couch potato in NYC all of my life? But because of that exposure, Judy and I have been, and still are, enjoying much
outdoor activity together for more than 61 years now. I met Judy at Camp Magpies in 1958 when I went to visit by brother Charlie who was a camper. The next year I was a councilor along with Judy and Dave Grossbard. Judy and I returned the following year after we married.

Gary 916-383-9267 Says Gary

Just stumbled onto this link (April 2022). It brings back so many great memories. Am Still around...wonder who else is. My home away from home from 1957 on. If anyone cares to, my email is ''orangepond@netzero.com'' … Really. Says Dave (GHP/Guano)

Camp Magpies made a big impact, thanks to experiences shared with fellow campers, counselors (esp. Dave G., Marge V., Carol ?), and H&H. Some other memories: Topsy-Turvey Day, Country Club Day, Guano, classic films (Metropolis, Things to Come), ping pong, Orozco mural. I still have my Best Camper plaque from 1960! D.U. (David Ucko) Says Anonymous

Hi everyone,

After such a long time Summer 1977 I was thinking of Camp Magpies again. The magpies next to the university where I work as a lecturer reminded me of this camp. I have a wonderful diary describing the days out there.

My maiden name was Klasen at the time. I still live in Germany.

Eight years ago I came to see the Indian Summer and passed by the White River Junction where I was picked up for the camp.

Memories !!!!!!! Says Elisabeth Potratz

Fondest memories as a camper in 1958-59 and counselor from 1964-69. H and H were like parents, and the camping experience was uniquely the very best and important influence for the rest of my life. Says Ron Z

65 -69 / such profound beautiful memories.  I remember it all like yesterday: learning to swim, playing tennis, seeing Shakespear plays at Dartmouth, mlking a cow at a neighborhood farm, Sunday dressed in white for a Unitarian service, experiencing a Swedish Christmas at midnight, and on the last day a farewell ceremony where every camper set afloat a canoe on a piece of wood at night till the the pond was filled and lit up. To this day I think of Hans and Herta and wonder what became of the camp or if someone continued the legacy. Always dreamed so driving by one day. Would love to see pictures from former campers . Is there a magpies website or FB? Enjoyed reading the memories posted here. Says Linda Pankey

61 and 62  magpie was the real deal. Says Pete and mike W.

Was there from '60 to '69. The fondest memories deep in my heart. The sleepouts, cookout, rest time after lunch with the trees swaying gently and quietly, baseball stats, lining up for ''free swim,'' socials, resting on blankets with the gentle breezes after lunch, color war, movie nights, the view of Orange pond from the dining room at breakfast, hand-picked international counselors... RIP Hans and Herta, beautiful camp parents to so many. Says Peter Romani

Jay, I remember you!!! I was the youngest in camp for three years, slept in the main house when not sleeping out at the Erie. I have amazing memories of raising my hand to go up there so many nights a week after dinner and pretending to sleep after rest hour, so I would be left alone in the field with my blanket and the peace. Reno used to hold out his thumbs too for me to hold onto and pick me up. I remember Oggi, his wife. Best summers. Says Shelley

Great memory of climbing Mount Cardigan and having a PBJ sandwich at the top. I may have been the youngest camper to ever attend for 8 weeks, the summer of 1965, when I was five. The younger campers were weighed every day -- and since I was always less than 40 lbs., we would get cookies and chocolate milk. I guess that was nutrition in the 60's! Says Andrew Mantel

Hi everyone,

I was there in the summer 1977 as a counselor from abroad (from Germany)! Now, after so many years, I read my diary again and the summer out there in the middle of nowhere was quite an experience for me. I remember Tony as well !

Best regards from Germany Says Potratz Elisabeth

I was at the Camp in '71 and '72, with my three siblings. It was a terrific place, with lots of great memories. Anyone recall GHP? :) Says Rick H

Loved my time at Camp Magpies. Wish I could find recent pictures. I'd give anything to own that property today! I was there in the late 60's Says Vivian

Also had many summers at Camp Magies from 1950 to 1956. Fond memories. Says Gertie S

Hi saw article online recalled my time at Camp Magpies with Hans and Herta Moldauer the owners . Thanks, Tony S. Says Camp Counselor Tony from 75, 76-77

I went to Camp magies from 1956 - 1960 Says Jay (the twins)

Went there too in 75 and 77. Says CE

I learned how to swim in Orange Pond, cooled off on hot summer days in Orange Pond, canoed, rowed and fished there. The ingress, at the time, was from Camp Magpies, from which there was a wonderful view of Mount Cardigan over the Pond. Says Marj


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