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Hultine Reservoir

 I grew up hunting my grandparents land, which is now the Hultine WPA. Although I and my family members are pleased with the project, most importantly the perpetuation of the hunting access for future generations, it is disappointing to witness the decline in water fowl and upland birds on this property. When my grandparents owned the ground it looked a lot different; there was a nice sized and deep pond, but it was pushed in, the dyke systems held deeper water
    in the marsh and ditches, but the majority of dykes have been leveled, native grasses, shrubs and trees were allowed to grow, however the trees have been cut down and the grasses are now over pastured. Times change I know, however
my grandparents made a living off of this ground, raising row crops, cattle and hogs; even then with their lively-hoods on the line the habit was allowed to flurish, but now the ground is supposed to be for wildlife reproduction and habitat, however the land seems to be in worse shape than when my grandparents had it. It should be noted that my grandparents, although respectful conservators of the ground, were not eco-freaks, nor great outdoorsmen. They did  
    however enjoy cathcing catfish out of the ponds, catching bullheads from the ditches, shooting ducks, geese and pheasants for a special meal. Most of all my grandparents enjoyed allowing people from all aspects of life and the country
 the opportunity to hunt and fish their property. A lot of game and fish were taken off of this property for generations, even today I meet people who recognize the Hultine name, and start to recall their own memories of the time spent shooting waterfowl on the marsh, camping at the pond, fishing the ditches from their vehciles and most of all shooting great numbers of roosters in the grasslands and marsh.In closing I am opptimistic that things on the Hultine
WPA will improve, and I would encourage individuals who visit this area to share their thoughts with US & State of Nebraska officals. The access to hunters and fishermen has always been there, however the way the ground has been managed is in stark contrast. On a side note, I have many old photos of this ground with many hunting and fishing pcitures. I also have videos of the late 1980's and ealry 1990-s, before the ground was transfered, the sky was truly blackened out with ducks and geese. Says Marc Hultine


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