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Camp Nawaka Lake

 Ok, so it's the redneck ghetto, but the people who live here are not all bad.... Says Not druggies

I live in Camp Nawaka and the first input is so funny. This use to be the YMCA and boy scout camp. The cabins were sold off after that. At one time there were drugs in here and calls to the sheriffs dept and 911 has pretty much cleaned this place up. I know of one man here that has threatened to shoot even kids on their bikes. He has not threatened my
    kids and if he does then I will get my gun out. As of right now this is a quiet place and the view to the river is beautiful. Any drug deals going on here will be reported! Says Jewel

Camp Nawaka was a federal work camp in
the 1920's, it was briefly a boyscout camp in the 1940's. Now it is a homeless squater camp. It is a dangerous and lawless place. Local law enforcement will not respond to calls from that area. There is a continuous open air drug market and the ''residents'' are armed. Please do not go there. Says Local Resident

Camp Newaka is an old, rough area. Best look before you plan to visit. Says Avid Camper

Beautiful Says T. Lunsford



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