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Beaver Lake

 I would like to file a formal complaint regarding the so called ''Game Warden'' of Beaver Lake. I had the misfortune of meeting this individual today, as I was simply turning around near the fishing station at Beaver Lake. I started to back up and noticed this man following me as I was backing up. He would not move. This individual proceeded to approach my vehicle and would not move as I was trying to turn around in the parking lot at the lake. I am a young female
    and when I see a older MALE approaching my car, wearing shaggy, dirty clothing, my first impulse is not to open the door and make small chat but to get out of the situation. For all I know this man could have been trying to rob me
and could have pulled out a gun or even a knife. He would not move, so I opened my door, which was against my better instincts, and he proceeded to yell ''Don't drive off when I'm talking to you.'' He continued to be condescending and opened his coat. Once again for all I know he could have been trying to rob me. He pointed to this tiny, very fake looking badge and CLAIMED that he was the so-called ''Game Warden'' of the Lake. I did have my dog with me, but  
    I was only turning around and noticed the spot I had chosen to turn around had a fishing license requirement on it. This man proceeded to claim that a $50 permit was required to walk dogs at the lake. I have never heard of this, nor
 has anyone ever heard of this. I demand an apology from this man. He was rude, condescending, and totally unprofessional. This individual has let the SMALLEST amount of power go to his head. I suggest actions be taken to either replace this man or train him in a better method of doing his job. He should know better than to shout and yell at unsuspecting people who are not breaking any laws and minding their own business. Approaching people in this manner is dangerous
and down right stupid. A badge is not proof of anything and for all I know, this man was posing as a ''Game Warden.'' (Wed, 25 Feb 2009) Says Asheville citizen


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