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Sunshine Lake

 Does anyone know anything about, the George Heisinger family, or Heisinger Lake? I am a decendent (my Great Grandfather was Andrew ''Andy'' Heisinger)of the George Heisinger Family and I am working on family genealogy. Thank you in advance for any information. Says Diana Baker

My grandfather owned this lake from the 50s to 1991. When he passed my parents owned the lake until 1995 which they sold because the 93 flood destroyed it. There is only a one
    cabin that survived. It use to be a thriving lake every summer, but now resembles a rv junkyard. The lake was filled with mud from the 93 flood and is now only knee deep. Still a good place to go to hang out with friends drink a few
and have a good time. Says Sam

There is an old lodge still there. It's called Pryor lodge. People still live there and it's for sale right now I believe. It looks like it needs some work. It was fixed up after the flood of 93. My mother used to go there on the weekends when she was young with her friends and family.It's kinda sits on the edge of the sunshine lake area. Says Lisa Imgarten

I was wondering if there use to be a lodge that exsisted
    on or around Sunshine Lake? I had heard some stories about this place from family members. I was wanting to know if anyone would have information regarding this. Says Shandelyn Mason (Carlyle)



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