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Stony Dell Swimming Pool

 I have been to Stoney Dell many times while growing up in Rolla and Doolittle.  Says Roy Strawhun

This takes me back to the early to mid fifties, as a small child living in nearby Waynesville. My father, Melvin ''Red'' Powers (from Pulaski County) was an automotive mechanic. He was the lead mechanic at the Pontiac Garage in Waynesville when we moved to AZ in 1957 for my mother's health. My folks made friends with a young couple at Ft. Leonard Wood. Bud
    and Elaine. They took us kids to Stony Dell and introduced us to this thing called a ''swimming pool''. Up until then, we had swum only in creeks and such, and at Bagnal Dam, at the Lake of The Ozarks. I still remember it so well
- and it really hadn't changed much from this pic you had from the 40s. We LOVED the sliding board! So, when we moved to Arizona, there were no rivers and creeks to swim in, all public swimming pools. But they were in the city, and we would rather have had Stony Dell - - - Says Judith L. Powers

My grandparents had a cabin court called Green Acre Court on Route 66… We lived there and I went to school in Hooker then on to Waynesville… We used to go swimming
    at Stoney Dell… Great memories. Says Brenda

I am the great grand daughter of George and Sarah Prewett. the grand daughter of Charles and Ethel Prewett Seest .Their daughter and John and Alice Seest Yates Piazza. Sister of Donald
 d piazza and James D Yates... I remember Stoneydell. And visiting grandma and grandpa Prewett when I was little.. I remember the store, the gas station.. grandpa always gave me a grape soda pop. They lived across the highway from the store... That house is still standing.. I have a lot of good memories of them and of Stoneydell... Says Mary Ethel wergin

I remember stony dell back in the mid 50s. It was a wonderfull place. I believe fred widener owned
it then. It's a shame that it's not there anymore. Says Bobllewis

I am the son of Vernon Prewett. Says Danny Prewett

George Prewett was my Great granfather, father of my grandmother Ethel bunch her daughter Alice was my mother. I was st Stoney dell quite often until RT 44 took it out still fished the Gasconada at Jerome till grandmother passed. Says Donald Piazza

Picture of the popular fish pond built by George Grant Prewett and his son Vernon at Stony Dell Pool along the Freemont Trail(what would later become Route 66 and even later IH 44) in the 1930's. This structure is one of the few remaining today of Stony Dell. - Edward Beard

Picture of the General Store & restaurant at Stony Dell Swimming Pool during early 1930's. - Edward Beard

Picture of the entry to the Stony Dell Swimming Pool during WWII (early 1940's). One of the busiest recreation spots in central Missouri during that time and a popular weekend hangout for the troops just up Route 66 at nearby Ft. Leonard Wood. My G-Grandfather (George Grant Prewett and his son Vernon) built, owned and operated Stony Dell through much of the first half of the 1900's. My mother, Virginia Irene (Prewett/Beard) Filleman was raised there. - Edward Beard


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