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Lake Sacajawea

 why drain a national park's lake? this is all we have up here and now there is little left! STOP the draining of our lake! there are animals dieing because of it! there was also more money spent here in north dakota when the lake was a lot fuller. come look and see what damage your stupid missouri is costing at the lake! i go there every year and more and more water is gone for what? notheing! now that there is not a lot of water left people have to find a
    a different place to go. they cant even keep there boats at fort stevenson because it is BONE DRY! missouri, you need to close down your falls because there is more money made here and it not fair that a NATIONAL PARK Can Not survive
because of you!! there should be no reason why a NAtional park should close. also the lake was here before your stupid idea even came around. there for it is our right to protect what we have:our future,homes, and last but not least, our lake and population. Says Alesha



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