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Long Lake

 Long Lake, Stevens County-Minnesota.

Dear DNR Fisheries Dept.

Stop wasting tax payer dollars by stocking this lake. Or better yet put your boat in this once gin clear basin and take a drive. Be sure to get out in the north end and take a walk across the surface algae, Oh be careful not to trip on the carp,or that one, that one and that one. Also take a good look at the very pretty shoreline erosion on the west side of the lake, this is an excellent
    example of water level control. It is very hard for me to understand why you would put tax dollars into this basin trying to make it a fishery. Sure the fish grow fast and there few predator fish but mabey do a water quality test,
why are there no weeds? check the only outlet on the east side of the lake, is there a ruff fish control structure as required by a permit your dept. Issued in the 80?s. This Basin has minimal depth. Limited shoreline development, and was once a historic Migratory stopping spot for multiple breeds of diving ducks. Lets look at the big real picture. Somebody has taken the food out of the grocery store. Fish can live in a sewer and adapt. Basins like this should  
    have a joint management plan so they are not considered ''Boom or Bust''.
Says Thomas J.

Central Minnesota's Rough Fish Factory, This lake is overrun with Carp & Buffalo Fish, it appears the DNR is trying to manage this
 lake with walleye stocking to curb the rough fish population...NOT WORKING...of course...the weeds are all gone and the bottom is always stirred up, very poor water quality. DNR Report states ''Boom or Bust fishing lake''. This basin is more bust than boom. Lake Shore land owners should rally and get the state to clean it up..Local folks tell me this used to be a Duck factory. The DNR should reconsider there management plan on this lake and return it to the shallow
CLEAN basin it was in the 60's & 70's.....There are better fishing lakes than this in the county. Says Dan

I agree with the previous post, all Walleyes were 13'' cookie cutter fish, I tried this lake in Sept. and Oct. poor outings on both occasions, this lake is loaded with carp, and some Buffalo fish. I could not find a weed line at all. Now I can see why there are very few lake homes/cabins around it. I bet this would be a good Duck Hunting Lake, Max. depth is about 13' water was high (shoreline erosion every where) during a dry year, no inlet. This one is off the list as a fishable lake. Says Jack

Long Lake Morris, MN Stevens County...Good Duck hunting lake...shallow prairie lake that is full of carp and little or no weeds, very poor water quality, DNR report says fish don't reproduce here and is also subject to winter kill. all walleyes caught were DINKS..Don't waist your time or gas on this one. Says Walter


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