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Freska Lake

 My wife stumbled upon this thread looking for cottages to rent in West Michigan. John Douma was my great grandfather. He rented green boats for $1 a day. In fact, he painted most everything a bright kelly green. That color was affectionately known as grandpa Douma green.

My dad used to take me fishing there when I was a kid. John Douma died in 1982. And sold the land to somebody. My dad could probably help you with more detailed information. Says Doug Bouws

    one time I lived, with my mother and father, next door to a Mr. Duma (John I believe was his first name)and he rented boats on Freska Lake. We lived on the northend of the lake on 10 Mile Rd. I can remember my father telling me about
stories Mr. Duma told about the area. I guess at one time someone had purchased the land covering the area from Belmont road on 10 Mile to Pine Island Drive then south to Post road and back to Belmont road and only paid 50cents an acre for all that land. Can you imagine what that land is worth now? I myself cannot give you much help on the ancestery and my mother and father are now gone and so is Mr. Duma. I might suggest trying to contact the Duma family (John  
    was a tinsmith by trade as I remember) and maybe they can give you some insight of the past. Good luck. Says Denny Gregory

At one time I believe Freska Lake was owned by my Grandmother's family. Her maiden name was Lapinski.
 I'm currently doing research and looking for information on the family..my Grandmother in particular. She died approx. in 1930. My Dad as a young man used to rent boats on the lake and used to take me fishing there in the 50's. Says Edward J. Jesionek


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