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Craddock Crewes Pond

 It says somewhere on this page, Craddock Crewes Pond is a Nice place to visit?? Who wrote that??? They make it sound as if it is a vaction destination. It has essentially nothing going for it. It covers approx 1 acre. An Interstate highway now runs about 25 yards away from it with tractor trailers barrelling down it. On the other side is Industrial / Commercial buildings. It is sometimes more of a marsh than a pond which is exacerbated by the fact that it is
    at the absolute top of the Chas River Watershed. Due in part to that, and the small size of the pond / marsh, I cant imagine there are any fish in it. And there certainly is no beach, or vista. The old parking lot has been blocked
off so there is no parking. The only real intersting thing about it is that when the water level is high, it may be feeding 2 different watersheds. But that is an intellectual curiosity, not a real reason to visit this pond. Well htere may be another use for this pond which is a place to skate in the winter. But I am not sure about this cuz there may be grasses sticking up above the water line depending on how much rain happen shortly before the freeze. Says Ralph Evington



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