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Shanty Hollow Lake

 A lot of the trail people hike are privately own please pay attention to the NO Trespassing sign. Says Kurt

Looks to me like you could use any size motor as long as you idled. Says Chuck

Beautiful and peaceful lake. Anymore pictures? Anyone? Would love to see. Thanks Says NL

Are you allowed to duck hunt on Shanty Hollow Lake? Says Anonymous

The waterfall is privately owed. It is NOT on public property. It has been surveyed. Please
    stay out. (Edited) Says Owner of waterfall at Shanty Hollow

7/29/10 (please date your comments) I have been visting this wonderful lake since 1966 and have hiked, fished and camped in the area. It was a great place to take
my kids to fish, explore and teach them of nature. Says Roy Thomerson

This lake was much better e few years ago before all the land around it became private property. I grew up trail riding here. Now you need a chain saw because some greedy people logged it ! There is also two other entry road to Shanty. Check your maps. Says Josh

Hi... I was wondering if someone could give me exact directions from bowling green up to the hiking trail at Shanty Hollow
    Lake. I am from Bowling Green originally and sadly never spent much time in the area. Really want to check it out and camp a night. (edited) Says Natalie

When are they going to restock the crappie? Says Dan

I have been
 going to this lake off and on since I was 7 years old (30 years). The lake is beautiful. I have camped with 15 people under the rock shelter with room to spare. If you are ever in the area THIS IS SOMETHING EVERY OUTDOORS PERSON SHOULD SEE. In late April or May the wild flowers on the rock formations are AWESOME. This is my favorite meditation place in the world. (Edited) Says David Myers

I LOVE this lake!!! It is a small impoundment and has an average depth
of 26ft. Also this is a spring fed lake and cooler than some of the surrounding waters. It is a stone's throw from Green River and Barren River in North Warren County. Shanty Hollow is a stocked lake with channel catfish in great numbers, blue gill, red ears, and shell crackers aplenty! But... the large mouth bass fishing is awesome! With many fish in the 3-4 lb range and some going over 8 to 10 lbs. I have fished this lake my whole life, in fact my grandmother used to help cut corn from this area before it was flooded in the 1940's. Bank fishing is really not the best way to approach fishing this lake. There is a very strict rule that no powered motors over 10hp be used (I really like that too!) The banks are steep and run deep with tons of dead fall, grass and weed lines and rocks. The lake is stunningly beautiful and not a very high pressured lake. Says Hugh

I like the lake. Says James

The lake is small but stocked, and the trails are great once you get in deep enough. Fantastic rock formations. (Edited) Says Justin Young

This is the perfect lake for canoe fishing. It has the look and feel of small mountain lake. The fishing can be a little sporatic, but it does contain good numbers of bass and catfish. I actually spend more time photographing the area than fishing it, and I love to simply paddle around in my canoe without wetting a line. - Keith

I was just at Shanty Hollow lake over the weekend. There has been a lot of improvements made in the parking area at the boat ramp, but they also took out the ''long loop'' and the foundation where the old sportman's club used to be. The lake spent the last few weeks with nearly 10'' of ice on the surface, and the waterfall froze. It was a truly incredible sights. My batteries gave out before getting to the waterfall, but I pitched a huge stone onto the lakes surface for a picture.(Edited) - Skippymjp


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