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Lake Linville

 Took 7 people to dinner at the bait shop. Mixed reviews on the food. I thought it was all good except the cole slaw. Rented a pontoon at 9:00 p.m. Had minnows red worms, liver. Never got a bite gave up. Came home. Every one enjoyed the trip. Will go again. Says Frank Allen

I have no idea what ppl are trying to say about lake Linville cause I am the daughter of the owner of the lake and anybody who has anything bad to say about try to help us make it a
    better experience for everybody since yours was not. Says Megan

I agree w Brandon about them letting too many people do what they want, i.e. ski and fly around with too big of boats. But if you catch it on a week day, it's
good for fishing bass, bluegill, that's all I've caught so far. I release whatever I catch and I don't keep it to feed my family although I enjoy eating fish. Says Jessecash

This lake is no longer a great lake to do anything? It's has nasty water! People throw there dead animals and trash into it! Yuck! Says Jennifer

I love this lake. It is beauitful, and the rope swing is nice. Says Blake K.

Hey does anyone know how much is cost to dock
    your boat at Linville Lake? Says Rick S.

Lake Linville is a beautiful lake lots of good fishing, hiking, camping Spend 4 months at the campgrounds every year, the management is great, the restaurant has the best catfish in
 town. I love the campfires making new friends and creating memories.. Says Shirley C

We are thinking about coming down to the lake on the 31 of july and stay to days never been to this lake. We live in Bath co. Would it be worth the trip? How is the the fishing? Says Doug

Hey, this is the best lake you will ever see in your life. Ha ha ha ha lol, just a family lake. Says Cheyenne C.

Just wanted to know where this lake actually is. Is this
the lake that sits on the right side of 75 when heading south? Says Eric

I love going to Lake Linville!! Says Loretta

This lake is awesome, and if you seen the fish in the bottom of it you would be surpirsed. There is some good catfishing and any other kind of fish. I have caught a bunch of fish out of it. Says Josh

Worthless mud hole. Way to small but they still manage to let people ski and ride huge boats which turns the whole lake upside down and makes it muddy and murky mess. Fishing is a waste of time and the campground is nothing but a laugh..... Says Brandon

Our family loves this lake and recreational area. We try to visit it at least 1 time a year. This also goes for our extended family. Says Brian and Donna Walls

This good lake has 8 miles of shoreline and 356 acres of surface area. Lake Linville has a boat dock.
The waters of this lake include some good catfish, channel catfish, crappie, largemouth bass, bass, bluegill, bullhead, carp, longear sunfish, spotted bass, sunfish, white crappie and yellow bullhead.
A ramp is offered for placing your boat in the lake.


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