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Deam Lake

 One of the guys in my group that camped there was locked in the bathroom at least 2 hours due to a faulty latch on the door, and they wouldn't give any kind of compensation for it. The poison ivy was really bad. Says Donald

Careful when renting row boats at deans lake... When you get back you will have ''Park Ranger'' or whatever he claims to be... ready to give you a ticket for swimming in an unauthorized area... Although we never went swimming while in the
    row boat.. It didn't matter we were wet so unfortunately we were accused of swimming.. Nevermind the fact we were getting ourselfs wet with a shirt that was being used to sit on. Just down right rude and disrespecful. I will fight
this ticket.. And never go back again.. I guess thats how they pay for the cheap cabins they have built. Says Victoria

What is the depth of the lake? Says David C

I think Deams Lake is the coolest most awesome lake in the whole entire day :)Love. Says Bryanna Watson

I was at dreams lake today. All roads are open all the way to and throughout the camp ground. It was a beautiful day! Says Wendy Martin

10/03/2008 Deam Lake was hit pretty
    hard by the wind storm last month; many big trees were downed. I was there two weeks ago and the roads had been cleared as far as the boat dock parking lot. Beyond that point the road was closed, as was the campground. Fishing was still good near the boat ramp. Says S. A. Farms


I enjoy riding my horses Lakota and Moonglow on the trails at Deam Lake. - Debbie Dellinger


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